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What’s it like being a professional yogi?

Some time back I featured Caroline Anne in an article entitled

Top Yogi’s to Follow on Instagram 

I’ve kept a close eye on Caroline Anne ever since and finally managed to corner her into giving an interview. I thought it best having her introduce herself. You can click on any image to follow her journey on Instagram.

I’m Caroline Anne, a professional yoga model living in the UK. I am an ex-gymnast turned yoga girl and practice my own yoga gymnastics fusion. I first started yoga when I joined Instagram and took part in my first yoga challenge in October 2014 and it’s fair to say I’ve now become a yoga addict (and an Insta addict too!). Being a gymnast I am lucky that I was already flexible and not afraid of being upside down. I am extremely lucky to get to combine my yoga love with my work, regularly working with yoga wear brands around the world.

Luckily for me my boyfriend’s a photographer so he takes all my photos for me.

caroline anne-yoga-model

caroline anne-yoga-model-instagram

Yoga-Model-caroline anne

Can yoga help you lose weight?

I’m not sure you’d lose weight from doing yoga alone as it’s not as energetic as say going for a run but it’s great for building strength and flexibility and by starting a regular practice you’re likely to develop a healthier lifestyle.

How long do you spend deciding on what outfits to wear for your shoots?

I love putting together my weekly photoshoots. Usually it will focus on the new outfits I’ve been lucky enough to receive that week or if I have a free slot I’ll go back to some of my past favourites. Usually a matching set or an all-in-one is a winner with me. I also think about what background colours I’m going to use that week, I try and stick to just one or two background changes per shoot and plan my outfits to compliment against these.

What do you do outside of yoga? Or is that a secret?

At the moment I’m so busy with all my yoga related collaborations and keeping up with everything on Instagram it doesn’t leave much free time and is like having a full time job in itself. But as well as yoga I also love swimming.

caroline anne-Yoga-Model

Yoga-Fit-caroline anne

How often do you get asked out on social media versus real life?

Umm, I’ve never been asked out on social media. I’m lucky, as a Yoga Model I attract a really great group of people that I’ve never really been bothered by unwanted requests.

Do you often feel pressured into replying to everyone who leaves comments? How do you approach time management on social media?

Yes, I always feel bad that I don’t reply back to everyone. I do read every comment and always try and give some likes back. If someone asks a direct question I’ll definitely try and answer them. It can be hard to manage the time I spend on social media, especially when I’m hosting challenges as I try and keep engaging with everyone who’s taking part.

If I do yoga every day, how long would it take me to do the lotus position?

I think everyone is different. Coming from gymnastics I was already pretty flexible before I started yoga but I still don’t like lotus pose, my hips just don’t want to bend that way. Everyone’s body is put together slightly differently so no two people will have the same ‘journey’. But I find with regular practice you will see a change.

caroline anne- Yoga Model doing the splits

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