Carrie Symonds has slammed an online gambling APP after her fiancee unwittingly racked up tens of thousands on her credit card.

Ms Symonds who initially paid 5.99 for her fiancee to use a smartphone app was horrified to discover a bill for tens of thousands of pounds a month later.

Talking on the Jeremy Vine show Mrs Symonds said ‘I just wanted to give my fiancee something to do during the lockdown, he hasn’t a clue when it comes to tech or money come to think of it. I think it’s shocking that Gambling Apps are allowed to target people like my husband in this kind way.’


It comes amidst cries from The House of Lords for the Government to act immediately to bring loot boxes and apps within the remit of gambling legislation and regulation.

Lord Brown-alley, chairman of a committee somewhere, told Newsround that lots of other countries have already started to regulate loot boxes because “they can see the dangers” which is teaching “MP’s to gamble”.

Mrs Symonds was near tears as she spilled her heart out live on air, that she had intended to use that money squandered by her husband to refurbish her walk-in-wardrobe and reline her mink coats.


‘I’m amazed that within games designed to be played by MPs that it would even be possible to spend thousands of pounds across a thousand transactions.’ She blubbed. ‘That’s certainly written off our honeymoon in the Maldives. Well not really, but you know what I mean, it could have done.’

A statement issued from the Gambling App that can’t be named for legal reasons commented, “we encourage partners of MP’s to review all the payment settings on third party services, check the terms and conditions and encourage their husbands to ‘play’ responsibly”.

*(Don’t phone in, it’s just for fun. None of this is true, just a rejected piece I wrote for VIZ magazine. I have full respect for Carrie, Boris, Gambling Apps and anyone else who is offended).