Bloody hell Pete another scrapbook? When you gunna put pen to paper huh? Truth is guys, I’ve been writing over 1000 words a day if you don’t include emails and proposals, probably over 1,500 a day. Lets just say I’m running on empty right now by the time it comes for me to publish content on here.


Lets face it, I still write more than my mate Adam does at The Dapper Chapper and he got bunged blogger of the year. So there is Adam over at The Dapper Chap and Craig at That Dapper Chap. I’d love to get these guys in the same room, have them introduce themselves in turn, and blurt ‘Fuck off we’re the People’s Front of Judea‘.  Both lovely lads mind.


In other news did you hear about the £750k Cartier ring that the British Museum lost? Credit to the BBC for delivering that one. Apparently the museum had to wait 6 years for it to be disclosed as officially lost. I do that with keys. I lost the keys to my missus one million pound apartment last year and I’m telling her exactly the same thing. They’re not lost, give it six years they might turn up.


You’ll like this exhibition though. I did because it was free.









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