blue russian cat

I started an Instagram account for the missus and her two blue russian cats Manya & Philya a few years back.

The other month they surpassed 1k followers so we punched their details into an app called Hype Auditor to ascertain their level of influence.

two cats looking out of window


statistics for cats       fat cat

hype auditor  cat scratching

cats score on instagram cats on instagram

audience reachability   cats taking notes

likes comments ratio  cat on table

cat engagement cat enjoying sun

audience hype auditorlarge blue russian manya

graphs for instagram     manya

Amazing right? To be honest it’s a running joke that these cats have more influence than me on social media.

You can follow the cats on instagram by clicking on any of the pictures or on this link here. The missus runs the account and talks to other cats from the point of view of the cats.

pet scratching

When we come back from our Asia/Australia trip the cats are going to be moving into the new place, Chateaux Chiswick.

It will be a monumental shift for them. So long as they don’t try and mount the 65″ curve TV I think all will work out.

If you’d like a preview of their new digs I have done a 3D scan of Chateaux Chiswick that you can see here. I will do a full blog on this at some point in the near future. If you are interested in having 3D scan for your home/restaurant/gallery etc, please get in touch.

cat close up

We have also done a book on Manya & Philya through Photobox. The book is not for sale but I’ve written about the process that you might find helpful if you’re looking to publish your own photobook. You can read that article here.

manya russian blue

Health Update for the cats. 2019 April

We have had the vets come out to see them and they are both doing fine. Philya has a small abscess and will need his teeth cleaned at some point.

Remarkably both cats weight the same so Manya has done really well in losing some chub. Likewise Philya is now enjoying larger portions, sometimes seconds and thirds once Manya has left the kitchen.

mean looking cat


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