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Monthly update, Petey no-booze survived two weeks in south east Asia. That’s right, no Singapore Slings in the Raffles Bar, no hammering the free mini-bar at the Marina Mandarin. No smashing the free champagne in Business class on an 11 hour flight! Jesus did I pick the wrong time in my life to go sober.


I’ll do a separate article on the Raffles Bar, the place is shut until November for renovation so we went to the pop-up bar around the corner.

I wanted to talk about how I celebrate without alcohol. I was asked this question by a friend recently, we were in the pub celebrating his graduation from Yoga school. (Something spiritual).


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He asked how do I celebrate without alcohol?

Before I get to my thoughts I put the same question out to the Sober community and got this back from my man Keen With Green on Twitter.

..For me, I was told early on that there is nothing that can happen today or at anytime that and drink or a drug can make better..and that’s proven to be true more and more through my journey..I constantly remind myself that my best days high have never even compared to my darkest of days sober..just something that works for me. – @KeenwithGreen

I have some thoughts on this below

1.Although I’m not a Gunners fan I always liked the way Thierry Henry celebrated his goals. He never dove into the crowd, ripping off his shirt or thumping his chest.

He just nonchalantly scored technically brilliant goals and just shrug his shoulders. When asked why he doesn’t celebrate he said “It’s my job to score goals. Why should I celebrate I’m just doing my job?”

Sounds like Dr Kaufman from Tomorrow Never Dies when he says it like that.

That’s the philosophy I like to adopt now. Of course I was going to achieve that, of course I was going to get that contract, of course I was going to be selected etc.


2.Celebrating hurts. If I needed to celebrate I’d celebrate hard and be convalescing for the next three days. I’d be eating crap, binging on boxsets, masturbating listlessly. Those hangovers were the loneliest periods of my life. So celebrating with alcohol was never my favourite past time.

3.I have other little treats. I have 30 Havana Cigars under my kitchen cabinet that I’ll get to when the occasion calls for it. Plus, I still get to buy other people drinks and pay for dinners when they succeed. It’s not like I don’t acknowledge success.

If you’re going sober I’d like to get your thoughts on how you celebrate without alcohol in the box below. If you’re looking to get some help you can check out some articles on the My Sobriety section of the site.


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