BBQ in Center Parcs

Today I’m going to talk about somethings you might need to know before heading to Center Parcs, Woburn.

They have disposable BBQ’s for sale and saves you having to bring your own. Maybe bring your own food if you like to eat uber-healthy. If you’re a fan of white bread then you’ll have a field day.

Also bring someone that knows how to get a BBQ going.

BBQ with the family at Center Parcs


I was loaned a pair of Base London boots. Click on image below to shop the Boots range although I don’t think this style is out until September.

Still there are many very entry-level priced Boots and shoes. If you’re a follower of the blog you know I have spoken a fair bit about Base London.

You will do a lot of walking in Center Parcs. That is, unless you is lazy.

Base London Boots

Click image to shop Base London Boots

BIKE TIP: I’d say hire a bike at Center Parcs. We brought our own, most of the tyres had slow punctures which leads to the inevitably unloading of profanities and threats of divorce.

Bikes at Center Parcs

Center Parcs Activities

The archery was a decent activity. It’s important to realise that the activities cost money and some will be better than others.

You might want to book ahead for the more popular ones like archery and the aerial tree trekking.

Center Parcs archery

Watching the children crap their pants up the treetop course and then abseil down with the support of a rescue climber, crying their hearts out, is actually quite a hoot.

As you can see below.

Center Parcs laughing

We didn’t do anything on the lake. But it’s nice to walk around and weave yarns to the kids about the Center Parcs Monster that comes out of the lake at night to feast.

Center Parcs lake

The missus passed on all the activities. Choosing instead to have a lie in and book holidays in Jamaica. We did get to see some baby owls before we went.

At least that’s what it said on the brochure.

Only I think these are actually just miniature owls, fully grown. I didn’t bother lodging a complaint, though technically I could have done them for false advertising I’m sure.

The WiFi is consistently good around the park.

center parcs baby owls

Disclaimer: I was loaned the Base London boots for a lifestyle shoot. It’s a transactional relationship. Click on any image to follow me on Instagram.



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