I’ll be honest, thought this would be an easy bit of content. Get some street style snaps of the trendy c*nts of Cambridge and bung in a couple of hyperlinks, keep the site ticking over you know what I’m sayin’? But sadly, Cambridge didn’t roll its A-game for my street style shoot the other day.


Apart from the dude above wearing this old school Patagonia P-6 Tee. They don’t sell these on the company site anymore as they’ve funked around with the design. But you can still pick them up on Asos for £25. I’ve found one for you here. I prefer it in yellow. Not sure what this guy was trying to do below with his double check short sleeve shirt and short combo. This might do it for some, does nothing for me.


The guy below was nice enough. He stopped me and the missus and brought out some ‘mood cards’ and told me he could predict how I was feeling. I told him to hit the bricks and he did so without complaint.


So you get the idea. I’m being super judgemental I know. Normally I’m not as big a prick as this but I was just expecting more from Cambridge, that’s all. They used to have Dogfish, a decent Menswear store that was healthy competition to my own store back in the day, but that’s shut. It says it’s still going on the website but they’re not answering their blower. There is Seven Wolves on the main street. I like those guys but had an altercation last year where I nearly accidentally shoplifted so daren’t show my face again.


Below is a chap wearing Billionaire Boys Club. That’s a £50 tee shirt right there, you can find it at this link. I’m just not sold on the ripped skinny’s. Am I getting old? Am I a colossal twat for taking pictures of people then slamming their style? Probably.


That’s the missus below. We won’t mention that we’re not paying nearly £7 for fu*king two take out coffees in Cambridge shall we Bould Brothers? Yes Cambridge, little ol’ Cambridge. Not fu*king Kensington.





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