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This week I had the pleasure of visiting the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the V&A. Apologies for the lack of decent imagery, these have all been taken on iPhone.

The exhibition runs up until 1st September 2019 and there are still tickets available for 24 GBP.

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dress from dior

Anyone following my personal Instagram will know I’m knee deep, studying a Fashion Design Course at Westminster University.

So far I’ve managed to sellotape bits of discarded headphone cable to transparent PVC and loosely, neigh, tenuously framed around futuristic and surrealistic designs of Alexander McQueen.

It’s not really my area, but I will persist.

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My point being that anyone enmeshed in the same ill-chosen, time-wasting career path as me, will definitely find this course useful.

(I’m too old, too broke, too straight to be drawing clumsy accordion pleated dresses that will never get made).

Dior isn’t as contemporary as McQueen nowadays, but then McQueen was the Dior of his day. It was Dior that introduced the New Look, giving the post war generation a more elegant silhouette. Less boxy. More foxy.

(That’s my winning slogan as a future designer).

fashion dior illustration

I won’t be doing a full bio of Christian Dior here. WIKI and the internet I’m sure will have that covered.

Instead I wanted to just share some images and hopefully give other design students some ideas and inspiration if they’re unable to make it to the event.

dior exhibit dior dresses fashion design fashion design dior

The above middle is my favourite. I get Azzedine Alaia/Grace Jones A View to a Kill vibes when I see this. In fact, in referencing Azzedine, to ensure I spelt his name correctly, I saw this passage in the book Most Influential Fashion Designers. Nuts right?

a view to a kill grace jones

fashion illustration

Foot note. 

The course and the tutors at Westminster is perfectly fine and I would recommend it for people who have a natural skill and can turn a hand to design. I’m not a natural illustrator, designer and am not in the least bit academic.

Please also take into account I’m going through a sardonic phase. Must be all the 5Am starts.


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