From my days on the willow farm, I’ve been an early riser. Completely juxtaposed to those student days where I’d be lost in the notorious purgatory of smoking weed and farting incoherently on the piano until ungodly hours of the morning. They say youth is wasted on the young.

By the way I’m going to shoot from the hip on this one, no time to double-back, proof read. Such is the breakneck pace of London.


I’ve certainly lost my appetite for hedonism of late, possibly lost forever. Now it’s 5.30am alarm, no snooze. How do you get up in the morning? I tell myself that everyone else has already started. That my competition has in theory, already got the jump on me. I’ve got to get up, get out in front.


No snooze bar. I’ve knocked that on the head since listening to the discipline lectures on the Jocko Podcast.

I start with fruit, below is £3 worth of fruit from the Whitechapel Market. Bananas, blueberries and oranges. The Citrus Handpress is from Amazon and the morning sugar from the oranges gets my metabolism going. I’ll drink some water but I’m not nuts on water, never have been.

There is plenty of articles and research that will tell you that fruit juices lead to obesity and tooth decay. Basically your liver needs the pulp along with the juice to help process the fructose. Some scientists would like you to just take a pill if it’s the Vitamin C you’re after. But I’m a primitive man. I derive a perverse pleasure of crushing my oranges. I’ll also lean on the side of

Dr Rosalind Miller, a nutrition scientist with the British Nutrition Foundation who told the BBC:

One hundred per cent fruit juice makes a valuable contribution to our intake of vitamin C in the UK diet, contributing almost 20% to average daily vitamin C intake in schoolchildren, and more than 10% in adults,’’ she says. ‘A 150ml glass of unsweetened orange juice is also a source of folate and potassium.


If anyone else has any other views or comments on how best to start the day, or information on the science of fruit drinks, please leave a comment below. I’ve also done a tutorial on the Citrus Handpress available on Amazon for £39.99.


oranges-handpress-citrus citrus-handpress

For further reading on going sober, if that’s your thing. Then check out the My Sobriety section of the website


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