Replay jeans table mountain hiking

On the way to the top wearing Replay Jeans *Ad

So what are the best Jeans for hiking?

A. I climbed Table Mountain wearing my Replay Jeans. The Hyperflex have just the right amount of elastane built into the fabric to ensure I can maintain agility on the climb.

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Cape Town is to climb Table Mountain. You can do this in under 2 hours if you’re fit. I did it in 1 hour twenty minutes. *See footer for affiliate disclaimer.

Me climbing mountain in Replay Jeans in South Africa

Replay Hyperflex denim – Devils Peak in the background. Also a good non-alcoholic beer. *ad

However, don’t put any unwanted pressure on yourself. Enjoy the climb and take stock in the fact there are refreshments at the top and you can always get the cable car down if you feel pooped. (We did).

As I mentioned in a previous post, 20 photos that tell the story of Cape Town, the most popular route is Platteklip Gorge, which is the one we took.

South African Mountain Flower

Not sure the flower name. Taken on a Nikon D3500 *ad Click to shop the camera on Amazon

How much?

From the centre of Cape Town you’ll look to pay 150,000 RAND in an uber to the foot of the gorge. (7-8 GBP). The Cable Car costs around 10 GBP per ticket. On the Saturday we arrived it was a 3 hour wait to go up the cable car.

Dassie wildlife photography

Dassie. Closest relative to the elephant. Taken on a Nikon D3500. *ad

What wildlife will I see?

On the mountain you will see Dassies. (So I’m told, it was too foggy to see anything up there on the day we hiked). There are no Lions up the mountain thankfully. They have been driven out of town, the last one being shot in 1842.

Are these Replay Jeans durable?

I’ve had these jeans for about 5 years now if not more. I used to sell them originally in the Menswear Store that I was a managing. (Wow going back some years. In fact I lived above that shop in the stock room for 3 years. I wrote about that for The Metro. Read that article here).

Denim Pocket Replay

Replay Hyperflex *Ad

These jeans have seen better days I grant you. But they have elastane built in so it’s not entirely crazy to think you can climb a mountain in them. I also have some genuine distressing in the jeans from when Manya digs her claws in.

Replay used to be sponsor the Barcelona team. Not sure if they still do.

Whilst I’m out here in South Africa why not follow my journey on Instagram. Happy to give tips and hints on Cape Town. Have been here nearly two weeks now.

*I am an Amazon affiliate member. If you buy these Replay Jeans or any other products I have linked to Amazon I will make a commission. So I’m told. This is done without the consent of Replay.

**All photos compressed for sake of upload speed.