Club Monaco is an international retail brand that designs and creates modern yet timeless clothing and accessories for women and men. Ok so that was lifted straight from the website, but I was really impressed with the Club Monaco store at the foothills of Chiltern St. Headquartered in New York City’s Chelsea Gallery district, Club Monaco can be found worldwide with stores in the United States, London, Sweden, Canada, Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, and Macau.


They have two other stores located in Redchurch St and Sloane Square which I have yet to visit. Whilst I was having an Indian Pale in the boozer in the pub opposite I thought I’d drop by. The geezer upstairs (Rob) was kind enough to let me grab some pictures, unlike the assholes over at Sunspel who get the hump when you get your phone out to grab a quick snap. I have no problem with shops enforcing a ‘no photography’ policy in their stores. But if the retailer is so adamant not to permit photography, it would be good to get the heads up by way of a sign. Rather than making me feel like a fucking criminal in front of my girlfriend and getting the hump when I offer to delete my pictures.


Anyway, sorry, back to Club Monaco. I recommend the place because the garments are beautifully cut, the fabrics feel rich and the prices aren’t through the roof. Realistically I’m looking to get my wardrobe cleaner, smarter and would prefer to wear something other than denim on my legs. Sadly there is no UK based website, but you should experience the warm feeling of finding a good secret, tucked away in the bellies of Chiltern.


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