Ever had a cocktail served with a magnifying glass attached? I got to see first hand some of ┬áthe curious wonders being delivered at the Cocktail Trading Club last night in Brick Lane. The menu which I was allowed to take home with permission, tells you politely in the first chapter not to half inch the vessels. A message to all assholes, don’t steal the vessels! Each vessel time they lose one they have to sell 10 cocktails to make the money back.


The theme of the menu was to bring back unsung classic cocktails of yesteryear. Each drink comes in at just under 10 sheets, reasonable I’d say. I took the missus and chaperoned her Russian friend who had just flown it. Perfect landing spot to show the out-of-towners something different. Not entirely sure it did anything for my masculinity drinking something green and luminescent. But I was able to describe the story of The Krays thanks to watching the film a thousand times. (The original). So maybe I pulled back some man points there.





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