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I’m a coffee drinker, so I want to hear about the pros of drinking coffee. I’ve scoured the net and picked out some juicy facts about the benefits of caffeine. If you’re not into coffee I’d suggest you just move on down the proverbial hall, you’ll find Paltrows Goop at the end. Here are some stone cold facts that will make you feel great about drinking coffee.


Deluxe coffee canister

You get some neat gear

Recently I was sent a CoffeeGator French press and Canister to review. (All the pictures in the article are CoffeeGator products). Let me tell you it’s working out a treat. The past couple of days I’ve stoked up the press and with it being made from Stainless steel, it’s kept warm from 7 ’till gone lunch. (For the record I get up at 5am but the kettle wakes up the entire house so I don’t fire it up ’till 7am).

If you like having some go-to coffee, it doesn’t get much handier than this. The CoffeeGator French Press is on sale for $37.99 and the canister is pretty neat too. It has a one-way valve which allows Co2 to leave but stops air and light from entering and attacking flavour.


The French Press – Up close and personal

The greats drank coffee. 

Yes Beethoven drank coffee and he knew how to churn out a tune or two. Word has it he counted out 60 coffee beans meticulously every day as he knew exactly the right amount that would make the perfect cuppa.

Christopher Nolan the director, apparently walks around set all day with a huge thermos full of coffee.

Then of course there’s Clooney. He’s become the poster child for coffee with his incessant Nespresso commercials. Did you know the Nescafe Gold Blend – Lady at the Door commercial is 30 years old? That guy can’t be beat for smugness right?


They make a lovely couple don’t they

Free radicals man

There’s nothing like a bit of science to back up a drug addiction. Coffee beans contain phytochemicals, which when broken down to base level, act as antioxidants that protect the cells from damage from those pestering free radicals.

So what are free radicals? Free radicals exist when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals can start to mess with important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Still with me? Might need a double expresso after that one.


The end result

Stimulates hair growth

As I keep telling everyone, I will be the last bald man that ever lived. The advance of hair follicle implants, genetic editing and now the confirmation that caffeine blocks a hormone that causes hair loss, means that the generation of tomorrow will all be rocking sizeable quiffs to the post office when collecting their pension. Rubbing caffeine into your scalp allows your hair to remain in its growth cycle longer than normal.


Now I want to hear from you. Do you count out your coffee beans? Do you have a particular coffee routine that requires discipline and strategy? Do you also look down your nose at people who ask for non-caffeine cappachinos at your local cafe? Leave a comment below, I want to know.


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