holly wolf cosplay model in orange latex

Zaltar: (to Supergirl) “Squirt?” Supergirl:Zalter?Zalter: (to himself) “Squirt“. – Supergirl.

Whilst I was busying myself with researching the elementary interaction of subatomic particles for my online degree in nuclear physics, I accidentally stumbled down a wormhole of my own and inevitably, lost a couple of hours. Ok days. The mouth of the wormhole was agape with the lure of Cosplay, a contraction of the words Costume Play where Cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.

(I’m sure this must have all started with us guys telling our girlfriends to dress up in Princess Leia outfits). Here in no discernible order are the Top 10 Cosplay Models to follow on Instagram.

Holly Wolf

holly wolf in a space suit cosplay outfit

Introducing Holly Wolf, tip of the spear when it comes to Cosplay Models. Holly already has her own character within a popular Graphic Novel Series called Treadwater. Along with Chad L. Coleman from The Walking Dead, now an executive producer on the series,  Treadwater is set to make big moves in the graphic novel industry.

‘I love to game, cosplay, and model! When I’m not working and modelling, I love to chill out at home and watch my fav anime’s and cosplay! I also love movies and video games, and I spend a lot of time watching and playing! oh and makeup and tech goodies. Ugh love them!’ – Holly Wolf.

Erika Cosplay

erika cosplay in a spider woman cosplay costume

Photographer – A Flawless Image Edit – Stevedesignsthings

Erika has a penchant for Spiderman/girl, mermaids, Disney Princesses and of course attending regular comic-con events. Based out of Florida I’m not entirely sure her real name is Erika Cosplay, but how lucky would that be, to be into Cosplay and your surname be Cosplay! That’s called nominative determinism for you folks.
I had that myself, middle name being Willoughby, the etymology of which means to work on a willow farm. Which I did for 5 years…. Sorry what was I talking about, I digress. Where was I? Ah yes, Cosplay Models.

‘Hi my name is Erika and I like to dress up. Pheww, glad I got that off my chest.’ – Erika Cosplay.

Karli Woods

karlie woods in a R2D2 cosplay costume

TJ Tindale

Karli Woods made this R2-D2 costume herself. And with the recent passing of Kenny Baker, is there no better homage to the life of the British actor that gave so much joy to the Star Wars community. Attendees of Kenny’s funeral were asked not to come dressed as characters from Star Wars. However in the event of my passing please let it be known that anyone that wants to come are welcome to wear R2-D2 Tutu’s, even the pallbearers. Thank you. Sorry I digress. Karli also hosts her own Cosplay You Tube channel which you should subscribe to.

Abby Dark Star

abby darkstar in a poison ivy cosplay costume

Introducing Abby Dark Star. Abby dabbles in Cosplay, and it has to be said, dabbles rather well. The thing I like about Abby is that she’s a girl with range. She likes her pop-culture such as Star Wars, her retro gaming such as Street Fighter, but swings the needle all the way over to Jane Austen and Jane Eyre.

It’s rarified air to find a woman that could hold a conversation about the deficiencies of Imperial Storm Troopers, then switch effortlessly over to a debate on how influential Charlotte Bronte’s character has been to each generation of women since it was written in 1840-ish. I think, anyway.

Since May 2018 this article on Cosplay Models has scored close to 6k views.

Did I leave someone out? Drop me a comment or Instagram handle in the box at the bottom and we’ll consider them for a solo feature on our Influencer page.

Nicole Marie Jean

nicole marie jean as bam bam

Most Cosplay Models normally create their own costume. Nicole has created over 100 costumes in the past five years and all are inspired by her favorite characters from comics, movies, books, video games and soon animes. Nicole is most well known for her take on Bane from the Dark Knight Rises film, which has given her the nickname throughout the cosplay community as “Lady Bane.”

God I love that movie, when Bane and Batman duke it out for the first time in the sewer, the music goes quiet. All you can hear are the punches landing and the heavy breathing. Awesome. Admittedly it sounds like I’ve just described my old room mates having sex, same difference really.

Little Jem

little jem in cosplay costume

And she’s from the U.K! Little Jem (Jemima) is rocking a Nidalee costume. And rocking it rather splendidly. I’m not entirely sure what Nidalee is, should really do some homework but I’ve got to get on with my life at some point. Honestly just when I think I’ve nailed down every character from every fantasy universe, a whole new wormhole cries out to me. ‘Over here Pete, over here. Check me out, you’ve got the time haven’t you?‘ Yes I should really crack on, I haven’t even got out of my pyjamas today and it’s 3 in the afternoon. I digress.

“I’m just an anime, games, geek, nerdy fan/cosplayer which loves to make friends with people who share the same interest♥ ♥. Don’t hesitate to approach me! Even though I’m always busy with my Masters, I try to update as much as possible and reply to every comment.” – Little Jem. 

Princess Bilbo

princess bilbo in a cosplay costume

Photo by @aotc1 Design by @littlepaperforest

Up and coming Cosplay model Princess Bilbo is the spit of a young Alex Pilozzi. (That’s a TV presenter here in the UK folks, if you google her you’ll find the resemblance uncanny). I digress. Otherwise known as Elyse, she looks the nails in a Jedi outfit, and any other outfit really.

Alana Eve

Alana Eve high priestess cosplay costumes

photographer is “S.L. Dixon Photography”.

Alana comes from Australia. I’m not entirely sure which character from Star Trek she is attempting to impersonate with this costume, but it looks terrific. Of course I jest, (ease off the trigger finger Cosplay lovers) after spending 3 days researching Cosplay I feel like I’m now fluent in the worlds of Zelda, Lara Croft, Marvel Comics and League of Legends..

Sarah Skittles

sarah skittle cosplay models on a motorbike

Crikey, as if I need another reason to get hooked on Skittles! Now I’m old enough to remember the first Supergirl film and had a mega-crush on Helen Slater back in the day. Remember that flick? With a washed up Peter O’Toole offering an impressionable Helen Slater a Squirt in ‘The Phantom Zone’? Sorry I digress. Sarah Skittles is an Alt model, Poisonous Pinup, Cosplayer, Artist, Photographer & Modified Doll. Vice and virtue wrapped up into one deceivingly demure little package.

Aerilaya Cosplay

aerilaya cosplay model in costume

photo is taken by https://www.facebook.com/ohheyitssk or @ohheyitssk on instagram

Yeh I’m starting to think they can’t all have Cosplay as a surname, stupid of me really. What I like about Aerilaya is that she makes all her own costumes, real dedication, willing to burn the calories.

‘I’ve come a long way in such a short time. I’m constantly trying to better myself and my work so hopefully it will show with what I produce. I like to crossplay as well as cosplay sexy women. I hope you enjoy seeing me as a man as much as I enjoy cosplaying one♥ I love that you can literally be whoever you want through cosplay. It’s amazing.’ – Aerilaya.


Ms Rae

ms rae cosplay model in a computer game costume

Picture by https://www.facebook.com/JustCozPhotography/

Lastly but not leastly on this feature for Cosplay Models, Ms. Rae. A  make and model of superhero costumes from the Big Apple. I think this either Ms Rae, or Ms Rae’s avatar. Can’t quite be sure, but check her out anyway, she looks great.


jenny cosplay as tomb raider cosplay costume
I didn’t really know where to stick Jenny. Which might sound frightfully crass, but it was becoming increasingly insoluble attempting to slip her in either this, or any previous listicals. She’s an all-rounder, Transgender, Cosplay, Pin-up. So I thought I’d bolt her on, rather unceremoniously, here. Hope that’s ok with you Jenny.

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