‘New York Matinee called it “a playful but mysterious little dish“.’ Patrick Bateman – American Psycho

COUNTER Vauxhall Arches are giving Londoners the perfect excuse to brunch saaaafff of the river with the launch of its ALL DAY weekend bottomless brunch. For just £29 (but discounted to £25 until the end of August) – diners are invited to select two plates from a tempting three-course menu of dishes and let the Bellini’s or Prosecco flow freely for 90 minutes.


Annie plummed for the Crab Tartine whilst I went for the spiced Avocado and poached egg. Our French waiter Thomas created the Bellini’s at our table from the chilled Prosecco and peach puree. I asked him if he was going to watch the Euro final later.

“Of course.” He said. “France are going to win, no doubt. All the other chefs are Portuguese I can’t wait to see their miserable little faces show up for work in the morning.”

Poor Thomas.


The Counter Arches is very accessible, directly opposite the tube. Inside there is a mixture of diverse seating, with each corner, nook and booth fabulously lit, intimate and focused. There is a healthy mix of parquet floors, antiqued mirrors and a palette of lacquered grey tones. “And the people are good looking too.” Annie said perhaps referring to the other diners but looking specifically at the restaurant manager Dmitry. As superficial as it may sound she had a point, people scrubbed up well to come to Counter Arches.


The food was well cooked, but not well done and meticulously presented. We went off piste from the Brunch menu and shared some Grilled Mackerel with Spelt, baby courgettes, cherry tomatoes and lemon thyme dressing to finish.

We thanked everyone, Annie and the restaurant manager Dmitry had a little chat in Russian as we said goodbye. I can only think she was telling how good looking he was. And who can blame her. Free to Flow bottomless weekend brunch is available from 11am until 5.00pm every Saturday and Sunday. Follow Counter Arches on Twitter and Facebook.



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