Happy New Year everyone. I want to share some pictures of classic cars and thoughts with you from my recent trip to Cuba. We did 5 days in Havana, then 2 nights in Vinales then schlepped over to Varadero for 3 days. I’m just going to rattle off some notes I jotted down whilst out there. The pictures won’t necessarily marry the text but they were all taken by myself or the missus and I’ll upload all the imagery to the Travel Page on Pinterest.

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Day 1 – Cuba Habana, 28th

For every building that is bordered up, every other building is being torn down. It really is a dump Havana. I don’t know what happened here. There is no poverty, no homeless, little crime. But the entire city is a hole in the ground. It’s like 40’s London just after the Lufthansa dumped 450,000 bombs on us.


We do the classic car tour, 60 cuc for two hours. There’s no seat belts in the back and the cops pull us over and a quick payoff is made. ‘Is that because we’re not wearing seat belts?’ I ask with blind tourist naiveté. The driver laughs. Everyone stops you and asks you if you want a Taxi. When you say ‘no thanks’ they ask you ‘where are you from?’ When you say ‘London’ they say ‘its freezing’ and they’ll ask you again if you want a taxi. Although one guy did do an Ali G impression.


There’s one thing you should know about Cubans, they don’t sign up to health and safety bollocks out here. We pass a building with one guy painting the outside of his balcony 10 floors up with no safety harness. On the main roads, trains cross the highway; no barrier. By the castle there is an unexplained gaping hole in the ground that a child and sleight adult could comfortably fall through to his death.


Survivors Tip

  • For Panama hats go to the San Jose Market, there’s art and fresh coconuts there.


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  1. Samuel Boundy
    January 8, 2018 / 10:30 pm

    I fucking LOVE this review! Very different to Josh’s experience many years ago. Very honest and informal and it sits with a lot that I’ve heard about modern day Cuba.

    • January 8, 2018 / 11:31 pm

      Thanks pal, means a lot that people read my blogs. Didn’t know Josh went. Its mad, it’s not all bad Cuba, I guess it depends what prism you look through. I’ll have some more laudatory things to say in later blogs. Take care pal. x

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