At Dungannon’s peak on the Hill of O’Neil, a packed marquee witnessed the 20th anniversary of Cuba Clothing, an independent clothing site with three stores peppered around Cookstown, Omagh and Dungannon itself.┬áBrands such as Pearly King, Satanic Mill and their very own collection Cuba, were debuted. The shop is also home to some household name brands such as Superdry, Peter Werth and Gibson.


After the show the punters were treated to a performance from XSM (Ex Simple Minds) which feature surviving┬ámembers of the group. One lucky punter won a trip to Cuba (the country) although two names were pulled from the raffle beforehand but weren’t claimed. It’s a trip to bloody Cuba, what the hell are we doing here?

Version 2

Raffle Tip

The trouble with a raffle is that more often than not it follows the evenings frivolities when the odds of losing a ticket or being too inebriated to read the number are radically reduced. Here’s what I do; If you’re already seeing double then stick the raffle ticket to your forehead and let others be your lookout. I won a Mini-Moto that way at the L2 nightclub in Huntingdon once. I woke up the next day and thought it was all a dream until they dropped it off at my work and got my picture for the paper.



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