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Last week New Look announced they were going to introduce a higher price bracket for curvy women.

At first glance this made sense to me, more fabric, more money. Wait is that a 50 Cent Song? Better write that down there’s a number 1 hit in there.

However, as I’ve featured a few curvy women/plus size models on the site before to promote body positivity, I wanted to get the consensus from the women that are directly affected by this new scheme.

Has New Look set a precedent for other retailers to follow?

Is it flagrant discrimination for plus size women. Also what are the main differences between plus size and curvy women?

Christ I’ve got more questions than the Why Bird from PlayDays. (Timely reference Pete).

Introducing Tanya Rani, a curve model with over 100k followers on Instagram, recently graduated from Northampton University. I wanted to get her take on this so here is her interview, click on any image to follow her on Instagram.

Firstly, can you give us a thumbnail sketch of who you are and what you do?

Hiya, I’m Tanya Rani, just a happy-go-lucky student from Bedfordshire and literally just done my last ever university exam in Marketing Management and Advertising at the University of Northampton!

3 years flew by, but whilst procrastinating between assignments and revision I had & still have big interests in fashion, sports like football & martial arts, superhero movies, video games, the topic of body/self-confidence and just getting out and having fun…oh and gin!

Curve model Tanya Rani selfie black leggings and red top What are your opinions on New Look introducing a high price bracket to plus size clothing?

I understand that brands are concerned with higher costs of materials, stitching etc., and believe plus-sized women should pay more for that, but how come this ‘fat-tax’ hasn’t been bought in for men?

Does it mean pregnant women should charge more for bigger maternity clothes too? – No, it’s just picking on areas to gain more money.

You pay more for bigger tents and houses, so shouldn’t clothing follow the same principle?

But it can be considered as punishing someone for their genetics producing a naturally curvy woman, and can’t even the imagine the effect it is having on young women and their self-esteem – like when they go shopping with their friends and are getting charged more for the same outfit than their ‘smaller’ friends.

curve model Tanya Rani in black bottoms and crop top I did see an argument that higher prices on bigger clothes is a good way to tackle obesity, which I agree is a big issue, but what about those who are naturally curvy, or even choose to be curvy with implants?

Many brands, as well as New Look have placed higher prices, and if a profit is being made from the plus-sized clothing without raising prices, then I feel that there is no need.

What high street brands are doing well when offering a diverse range of plus size clothing?

With prices aside, many brands are offering great plus size ranges, that look just as pretty as any other size, with Fashion Nova, Boohoo Plus and Forever 21 being personal, affordable favourites currently.

Is there a difference between plus size and curvy girls, do you like to be referred to as either?

Yea I think there is a difference. Anyone can be a curve model no matter their size, as I feel being curvy is more about your body proportions, such as the measurement differences between the hips and waist.

Whereas, plus size appears to be more defined by your dress size, but this is defined differently globally, so should this term even be valid? Because of society, curve model sounds less intimidating, but a model is a model after all.

Which Curvy Women/Alternative models do you look for for inspiration?

Curvy girls such as Ashley Graham and alternative models such as Winnie Harlow, have broken down barriers of what is considered beautiful and are inspirational in encouraging myself and many others to find the best in themselves, see flaws and your USP and to just embrace it!

What advice would you give for anyone looking to start out in modelling?

To give the middle finger to anyone who says you must look a certain way, you ain’t good enough, you must eat a lot less and so forth. Put your physical and mental health first and know that rejection just means there is something better waiting for you, this just wasn’t the moment.

curvy women profile photo Tanya Rani kneeling holding a roseAre you looking to be a model full time or will you continue your career in Marketing and Advertising?

I’m ready and excited to put my knowledge and skills that I’ve gained from the past 3 years from university to good use and progress my way through a career in Marketing and Advertising.

Instagram/being an influencer etc will just a nice side hobby for now but I am considering YouTube next.

What kind of attention do you get on social media, are the guys well behaved?

You get many lovely people, men and women, whose comments, likes and DM’s make it all worthwhile posting for – they are so motivational, respectful and friendly.

Getting contacted for a collaboration is always exciting, or someone who wants to chat about similar interests/hobbies/get advice.

Curve model Tanya Rani in Black dress

But on the flipside, I get my fair share of nudes that clearly aren’t them, sexts that have been typed as if they weren’t looking at the keyboard, and ‘nice bobs’ comments – My DM’s are 18+ rated.

You get asked for some weird fetish related stuff too that I never even knew was a thing, or people wanting to buy more underwear and socks even!

There will always be the one who sexualizes a post, but that’s what a delete and block button is for, which I’ve been trying my best to keep on top of lately.

How often do you get asked out on social media versus real life?

In real life you’d get those at university, friends of friends or those on a night out who flirt, use a bad chat-up line and try to get your number or something – even women, but on social media it’s a whole new level.

One guy contacted my parents through social media asking their permission to propose aha…yet he lived on the other side of the world and I had never met him, and this kind of stuff happens on a daily basis.

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