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Who is Edmond Kamara?

Edmond Kamara is dashing redoubtable Londoner and editor of Cuts for Him. As a menswear stylist, content creator and blogger, Edmond has created a vast network of ‘Fashion Insider’ professionals over his career.

We caught up with Edmond Kamara ahead of the Fashion Industry Insiders event at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London, Kensington on the 20th September.

David Gandy with Edmond Kamara Edmond, first up, when do you sleep? 

Hahaha Errrmmm whenever I get a minute and can sum up the courage to actually relax. I sleep purely out of the need to survive but nothing more.

Tell me about Fashion Industry Insiders, what is it exactly and what can people expect to experience? 

Thanks for asking this question.

Fashion Industry Insiders is a fashion and lifestyle accelerator platform.

Our objective is to empower, educate and equip the next generation of fashion influencers in creative and innovative ways.

Our objective is to grow sustainable, value driven businesses and personalities that will tell a story of success and transformational change within the fashion industry and beyond.

We organise yearly events were we have a panel of experts within the fashion industry, live music, a fashion show and drinks and refreshment.

Fashion Industry Insiders is aimed at fashion, art and style brands, businesses and enthusiasts.


  • If you would like to gain a better understanding of the fashion and style business industry and how you can use this in the development of your brand.
  • You are looking for creative inspiration to increase your social media presence and capture the attention of your customers.
  • If you are looking for ideas on how to rebrand and gain new audience.

This event offers great opportunity to socialise, network and learn from industry influencers, bloggers, designers, stylist and artists.


Fashion Industry Insiders Event in London

This is your second year doing it, what did you learn from hosting the event first time round? 

Wow, the first one was a massive roller coaster however, I would rather focus on the positives. If there is one thing I learnt, it is the “build it and they will come”.

I don’t have a formal education in anything to do with fashion or even have an event background.

I had to push myself right out of my comfort zone to curate an event and have people come up to me to ask me when is the next one.

What’s been the toughest part of putting on an event like this? And the most enjoyable part? 

The toughest party is managing people. When you manage people, you need to understand everyone’s character and tailor your approach towards them. It has also been the most enjoyable as we always pull through.

I had a proud moment when I looked into each and every team member’s eyes at the end of the evening and see satisfaction in their eyes.

Cuts for Him Menswear Blogger Edmond Kamara

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How much time goes into planning an event like this and do you get any help along the way? 

A lot of time and planning goes into making an event like this happen. I often need a lot of help.

I am grateful that most times, I get that help from friends and family. They say friends and family are the most difficult to work with.

It is absolutely true, But at the same time, they are the people who understand you most and want to see you succeed the most

Printed shirt Edmond Kamara Cuts for Him Edmond Kamara talk to me about social media, do you ever get tired of it? 

The honest truth is, I do not. I hope I never do because that would be the end of a huge chunk of what I do.

It’s probably where I spend the most time. I have come to accept that I am a bit addicted to it lol.

But its ok as that’s where my office is.

How much of your brand revolves around Instagram, could be sustained without it? 

At the moment, a good part of it revolves around Instagram as that’s were all the brands I work with find me and that’s were they want me to display the work I do for them. It is a very important tool.

However, my creativity is platform independent. I truly want my work to stand on its own on or offline

Do you have any style icons you revere? 

I do actually. David Gandy is one. The man is a true style icon and he does it so effortlessly.

Is it difficult to get fitted for a suit with your frame? I imagine your build is growing as you continue to train. Do you ever grow out of your suits? 

Hahahaha I also have to get my suits tailored even when I get them off the shelf. My waist is much smaller in proportion to my upper body. My arms always show me up. I have been told by many tailors to stop working out my biceps and triceps but I never listen.

Finally Edmond Kamara, very important question. Who is your favourite James Bond? And your favourite James Bond film.  

Hahaha how did I know you were going to ask this question. Well my favourite bond has to be the one and only Sean Connery.

Interestingly enough, my favourite bond movie is Die another day because Hally Berry is in it. I used to have a massive crush on her lol.

Halle Berry Die Another Day

Fashion Industry Insiders will be hosted at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington on Thursday 20 September 2018, 18:30 – 23:00 BST. Tickets available through EventBrite.

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