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Who is Danielle Robertson?

Danielle Robertson A.K.A Dannibelle is a 22 year old law student and lifestyle blogger from Queensland, Australia.

She is an Australian national youth track and field athlete and her love for fitness inspired the birth of Dannibelle a blog designed to inspire, motivate and encourage others to achieve their goals.

Dannibelle has also launched the Home Grown Booty Program, an 8-week home workout program designed to build your glutes and tone your legs.

Follow her journey and gain inspiration for your own fitness program by following Dannibelle on Instagram.

Do you love studying Law and Criminology as much as you do studying within the fitness industry? 

To be honest, I love them equally. Studying Law and Criminology provides the intellectual stimulation which keeps me sharp and able to handle everyday business more efficiently.

My work and study in the fitness industry is completely different but the common bond between the two disciplines is my passion for both and the real-world application of this knowledge.

I have always been involved in sport and fitness so my work within this industry just feels like second nature.

Both disciplines are challenging and rewarding and I can confidently say that I love them equally because they are a huge part of who I am today.

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How do you manage to juggle all the different elements of your life and which ones do you prioritise?

I prioritise health and fitness because I know from experience that without it I can’t function at the level that is required to complete my study and run my business on a daily basis.

Where do you get your competitive streak from? 

I’m not sure if it’s actually an inherent trait but rather something I developed at a young age. I can almost pinpoint the exact moment my competitive streak kicked in.

It was during my primary school cross country carnival, when my best friend (at the time) suggested that we should run the race together because it would be “so much more fun”… until the last 50m when she decided to take off into a sprint, breaking all bonds of friendship (at an immature level) for the sake of winning.

It was in that moment of disbelief, as I watched her race to the finish line, that I knew that I would experience competition throughout my life, and there was no way I would settle for second best… And cue the decade of track and field athletics training. I have no chill.

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What’s your morning routine? And what part of your fitness routine do you struggle with the most? 

Coffee. Coffee is my morning routine. Followed closely by a workout because I like to get it done before my brain figures out what I’m doing.

It gives me a sense of achievement for the rest of the day. Time management is my biggest struggle with my fitness routine.

My workload is so demanding that if I don’t get my workout done first thing in the morning it is at the mercy of university assignments, emails and everyday challenges of running a small business… so I just need to get it done.

How often do you get asked out on social media versus real life? 

Social media is the alcohol of the online dating world… everyone is a lot more confident, so yes I get asked out more on social media than in real life.

But the thing is, I really would prefer to date someone who didn’t know I had social media. It’s so hard to distinguish someone who is genuinely interested in me as a person rather than the idea of me… I guess that could explain why I’m still single haha

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Which is the platform for you to engage with your audience? And do you ever feel the pressure to stay on top of it all? 

I try my best to engage with my audience on every platform but Instagram is where I interact the most. (That’s not an invitation for random guys to slide into my DM’s, please refer to above response).

Having just released my booty program and resistance booty bands, I’m feeling more pressure to stay on top of it all. I now have customer support and service across both email and social media in addition to my usual interaction with my audience on multiple platforms.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it and really enjoy knowing that I am making a difference and helping others on their fitness journeys.

Which brand or designer would you like to be an ambassador for? 

There are a lot of brands and designers that I admire. I would love to work with but there’s nothing quite like having your own brand. So that’s the goal, being an ambassador of my own brand.

Finally Danielle Robertson, someone told me the other day that Sydney is the best city in the world.  Any thoughts?

I like Sydney, it’s fast-paced and vibrant but I live on the Gold Coast and absolutely love my home. Hard to beat.

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