Who is Daria Deptula?

Daria is a certified health coach, personal trainer and vegan athlete.

We first featured Daria some time ago when we recommended Top 5 Vegans to follow on Instagram.

We’ve kept an eye on Daria (Miss Fit Vegan) ever since and now we’re pleased to bring you an exclusive interview where she talks more in depth about her diet, lifestyle, training and importantly her Miss Fit Vegan Blueprint.

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First off tell me about the Miss Fit Vegan Blueprint. 

Glad you asked :). I am extremely proud of my 12 week “Miss Fit Vegan Blueprint”! Not only is it a full blown coaching program that’s specifically customized for the individual I’m working with, but it is also designed to educate on a proper balanced plant-based nutrition, teach the ins and outs of an efficient and effective fitness program specific to goals, and most importantly, instill mindset shifts to help make these lifestyle changes sustainable, fun, and long lasting!


Miss-Fit-Vegan-GymI also want your take on bananas. How many bananas do you think we can eat a day? 

This all depends on the individual’s goal and what they want to accomplish for themselves, as well as how flexible they are with their diet and macro counting.
I only have one a day: half of one goes sliced on my pre workout rice cakes, and the other half goes into my post workout smoothie.
Bananas are a great staple in a vegan diet. How many you have in a day just depends on YOU and where you like to get the bulk of your carbohydrates.
This I why the ladies in my program are able to achieve such amazing results, because they understand the basic macro breakdowns of foods for their specific body type and goals, and are able to make the right choices for themselves.


Do you need to take supplements on top of the Vegan Diet?

I recently posted about this on my Instagram. This, to me, is also a preference and it ALL depends on how nutritious and balanced your diet is.

‘If you are eating a wide variety of whole foods on a daily basis, you should be able to hit your daily micronutrient goal’.

You’d be surprised at the actual absorption rate of all these synthetic vitamins and supplements.
If you’re worried about B12 include more fortified foods in your meals, like Bragg’s nutritional yeast; if you’re worried about your omega-3s add seeds like flax or chia into your shakes and eat an abundance of greens daily. Same goes for other micronutrients.

‘There will always be plant sources that are much better for you than supplements’.

However, I will say this, I’m not opposed to high quality organic supplements (like Garden of Life) if it’s going to give you a peace of mind. The supplements I take come mostly from my one plant based protein shake a day. I’ve also started to take creatine as a little experiment (want to see if the hype is real!).


Who do you go to for advice when it comes to nutrition? Who do you consider to be the authoritarian?

Honestly, I don’t go to just ONE source. I think there is knowledge to be learned from various sources. It’s a matter of being able to figure out what is right for YOU and your needs.

‘There is no magic cookie cutter or on-size-fits-all type of a plan’.

That’s why I’m a fan of influencers who preach the personalised programs because you truly have to get to know a persons goals, needs, wants, restrictions, and so on, to be able to help them in their desired outcome.

However, I like nutritionfacts.org and various books like “How Not to Die”, “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation”, “The Food Revolution”, etc. when it comes to nutrition. For my fitness resources, I read a ton of articles from bodybuilding.com, NSCA articles where I got my PT certification from, t-nation.com and so on. As fitness professionals we have to stay up to date with the newest research in order to be able to serve our clients best.

Miss-Fit-Vegan-GymWhat training or workout advice would you give other women who want a physique like yours? 

Don’t be afraid of weight training and superset your workouts! Combine compound and isolation exercises with a third “cardio burst” exercise in between to keep that heart rate up.

Runner? Swimmer? Cyclist? Boxer? Which sums you up the most?

Boxer but only because I used to teach cardio boxing classes before I became a full time online fitness coach. Boxing is also one of my favorite full body workouts. Great stress reliever as well!

How often do you get asked out on social media versus real life?

Less than you’d think 😄. My content has definitely shifted from sexier to more educational and value driven posts.
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