Today is the day I’m giving up drinking.

I have to get ready. I still have one of Greg’s whisky samples he sent over for me to review on the podcast. Sorry pal, I’ve blown through the lot bar one bottle. But I need to get rid of this bottle.


It’s only going to hang around and trap me in a corner somewhere.

Dad’s also brought home two crates of ale. He’s offered me beer twice tonight and wine once.

I have abstained before from booze. Done a whole month once.

But this time I’m done. Had a huge stag do at the weekend, cleaned me out.

You can’t just quit. Not like that. Need to prepare. Been listening to this podcast, The Alcohol Mastery Podcast with this Irish fella, Kevin O’Hara. He talks about triggers, behaviour and rewards.

A trigger would be coming home from work cracking open a beer.

A behaviour would be drinking that beer, watching tele, relaxing.

The reward would be the beer after a hard day at work.

That’s just an example. I recommend if you’re thinking of giving up alcohol you check this guy out. I’ll do a diary and try and give you some insights and tips along the way, let you know how I’m getting on in the process. But ultimately this diary will be for me, not you. This is my reward for not drinking. Being able to have the clarity of thought that will allow me to mind splurge on this blog.

You’ll forgive me won’t you. I’ll put this on the homepage. The rest will be hidden, if you’re interested in doing something like this with me drop me an email or a comment at the bottom.

I’ll cap off each article with a fact, how’s that. And a link to a page that will help you out if you’re like me, trying to clean up your act.


Every year in the U.S., roughly 5,000 people under the age of 21 die from an alcohol-related incident including car crashes, homicides, suicides, alcohol poisoning and other related injuries. Taken from DoSomething.Org 




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