Day 2,, no booze.

I’m still not sleeping. I’ve heard it can take up to a month before your body can get back on track. Although I’ve never had great sleeping habits. I listen to podcasts as I sleep, or ‘fairytales’ as the missus calls them. Still bowling through these Alcohol Mastery classes with Kevin O’Hara.


Still working out my triggers and anticipating the pitfalls.

It was the niece’s birthday today. Went down to the Houghton Mill.

Whilst walking round Neil texts and tells me about Peterborough Ale Festival. I told him I’m tee total and on day 2. He didn’t reply.

I suppose I’ll get a lot of that.


So that’s a trigger. I love ale festivals.

The Chelmsford Ale Festival was ace one year. Once had a girl politely ask if she could come back to mine and sleep with me.

I knew her quite well. Had always fancied her.

So that was a good memory.

But those aren’t exclusive to ale festivals are they? Anyway just rambling.


No doubt Neil and I would trawl through about 10 pints of craft ale and half a pounce of horrible tobacco, bang the world to rights and I’d need 3 days in bed.

Doesn’t seem worth it does it.

But we do enjoy harping on about crap. We can do that on tizer can’t we?


Anyway I felt like a dead Duracell today. Sleep all over the shop, low on sugar.

Oh yeah I bout about 10 quids worth of bananas, making smoothies, replacing chocolate with bananas, sound right?

Fuck this isn’t an interesting blog is it? I did warn you.


I ran like an 80 year old tonight as well. The missus has told me to stay hydrated.

Anyway, the positives are I’m showing real intent. Googling shit like are bananas good for you. Running. I’m trying to figure out what my body needs in lieu of alcohol. I’m eating eggs and mushroom for brekkie, had a dogshit Tesco pasta lunch and a fruit corner. Lunch still needs work. A salmon, broccoli and sweetcorn dinner.


Right will leave you with a fact about alcohol as promised.


According to the National Library of Medicine, “Alcohol withdrawal usually occurs within 8 hours after the last drink, but can occur days later. Symptoms usually peak by 24 to 72 hours, but may go on for weeks.” The acute withdrawal stage will be the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. – Sourced from TheRecoveryVillage.com










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