Avoiding the Hotel Mini Bar

Week 2 – No booze

On the tarmac at Gatwick Airport. Destination Genoa.

‘Did you notice that I never touched the free booze at the BA lounge?’ I said to the missus smugly.

‘It’s 8.30am in the morning,’ she gawped.

‘A win is a win is a win.’

Normally I like to fill my hip flask with whisky from the BA lounge. I would do this by filling a half pint of Woodford Reserve and covering the glass with a napkin. Then I’d take huge gulps of the whisky and spit it into the hip flask. In my mind this was recompense for wrecking my bag on a flight back from Houston and never reimbursing me. Read about that sorry debacle here.

I knew that the BA lounge was going to be a trigger. So mentally prepared, instead nailed bran flakes mixed with Alpen.

But I forgot about the hotel mini bar.

I’m not missing the booze, but I’m just noticing little things. The hotel mini bar would often get dented by me. The beer especially. If I was on a press trip everything would normally be included so I would see NOT drinking the entirety of the mini bar as waste.

Anyway, never gave it a second thought.

Instead had a great walk around Genoa. Covered about 16k yesterday up and down the hills.

Typically we would have had wine at dinner and maybe blasted through a bottle. The missus is not drinking either in support. I feel a little bad about that and I’m encouraging her to drink and have a good time. But I think it’s a bit jarring for her. Either way I’m sure she’s glad this morning not walking up behind the 8-ball.

Right I gotta shoot. Genoa awaits.


(referring to mini bars) Travel in general has become more commoditised and more widely accesible, and budget travellers are unlikely to spend $15 on one drink. TheEconomist.ComĀ 

The missus on Via Garibaldi


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