Mad fucking day really. Finished off an article for another Menswear writer on shaving your legs and arms. (Hence the pics of body hair). I spoke to my mate PJ and he told me it’s an American thing, porn got that going. I just couldn’t arsed to shave my body parts. I shave my face about once a fortnight with the same clippers I’ve had for about 10 years. I do everything with that. Nutsack, face, head. Once my mate Paul asked if he could borrow them to shave his dog. I suddenly got very protective over these £20 set of clippers and told him to go fuck himself.



Day 5 no booze. Feeling good although my body is starting to wonder what the fuck is going on. It’s not daft. I’ve been eating about 4-6 bananas a day and a crap load of broccoli. I farted last night and had to leave my own bedroom it was getting that bad.

I’m getting more affirmative with the Tee-Total thing. So far I’ve told Paul, Neil, the Missus, and PJ that I’m Tee-Total. Each one I’ve told I’ve said I’M GOING TEE-TOTAL. Not ‘I’m thinking of going tee-total’. That namby-pampy crap will get you nowhere.

Enjoyed listening to Kevin O’Hara again today. Talking a lot about Muhammed Ali today, some famous quotes. Ones I’ve heard before but I didn’t mind hearing it again. Here I’ll leave a link. I’ve sketched out some ideas for a video, think I’ll do one myself. Maybe weekly, we’ll see.

I’m thinking of staying in this weekend. Just makes sense doesn’t it? Luckily Paul’s skint, so is Neil. They’re the immediate triggers.

Greg has just text, he wants me to jump on the podcast and talk whisky again. I like Greg, I like doing the podcast and talking whisky, but not sure that’s the right thing for me to be doing at the minute.

Right time for an alcohol fact, let me just jump on google.


‘The active ingredient in alcoholic beverages is called ethanol.

Generally referred to as “alcohol,” ethanol is the substance that makes you drunk.’ HealthLine



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