Day 8 – no booze

Right might stop counting the days, start counting weeks. Will be more interesting.

so Week 2 – no booze, your body is a DB5.

I’ve long heard this phrase your body is a temple. Well I once wrote a song called your body is a nightclub. It was a nice turn of phrase and actually not a bad track. Will have to dig that out one day. But I never related to it being a temple.

Until I had a chat with my mate on the way to the stag do about your body being a Ferrari. Now that actually resonated. And then I twisted even more, cos I’m a Bond fan I thought;

My Body is a DB5!

Now imagine if someone got in the back of your DB5 and started spilling their fucking McDonalds Fanta all over the upholstery. You’d go fucking bananas. Well this is what we’re doing by putting alcohol in our system.

Your body is a pretty awesome bit of kit. Much like the DB5, it’s sexy, it’s been around for years and it’s got an ejector seat. Ok I was reaching on the last one, but you get what I mean. So think on about what car your body is. Would you let some asshole do fucking doughnuts in your favourite car on a dirt track somewhere?

Above and below are my herbs. Basil and Chives and I bloody love seeing them in the morning. We have a nice word, they give me a little foliage and I bung it in the fry up. Beautiful.

Seriously recommend getting a herb garden if you’re giving up the booze. You’ll need a hobby. Right that’s it from me, time for a generic fact about alcohol. Don’t forget I only post these on Twitter so follow me there. @human_research_


Red wine can also cause histamine release in some people, leading to increased flushing and more of a hangover,Dr. Krant – Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. (Taken from the article by Huffington Post on How Alcohol Wrecks Your Skin).



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