Detox Diary Day #3 Gone Bananas


No booze Day 3

I cried this morning.

Switched on the laptop, confirmed – Daniel Craig will return as Bond

I watched the video, brought my Mum in the room.

That moment when he said yes, the crowd erupted, I just couldn’t hold back the joy any longer.

Host of the Late Show Stephen Colbert tee’d it up wonderfully saying,

‘We could do with some good news’. Is fucking A right. The world needs some good news and this was it. I’ll never forget this day.

I then cracked open a beer and celebrated .. only messing.

I got to thinking that I’m worshipping a terrible god in James Bond. Someone that drinks a lot. Someone that has always made drinking sexy. And that’s just the celluloid Bond. You want to read how this fucker puts them away in the novels.

How will I survive without Martinis? Or Vespers? Or Macallan 50 year olds. I’ve drunk that whisky you know. The one in Skyfall that Silver shoots off Severine’s head. Well he shoots her instead but the point is I’ve drunk that whisky. It’s about 200 sheets a glass.


So it’s an odd one. Worshipping alcoholics. Take Bukowski. Tell you can’t get through a handful of his poems without reaching for the vino.

Anyway, I’ve had a good day today. Downloaded the Alcohol Mastery Package and watched a few videos. The guy is talking my language. Saying you don’t need a higher power. You don’t need AA. You don’t need rehab. You just need to sort your own shit out. If you go into rehab the best they can do for you is keep you away from booze for 30 days. You know you can punch a copper and get put away for a month. Hell of a lot cheaper.

Ok so I thought I’d post a picture of the banana smoothie and carrots that was my lunch. I got Mum to take pictures of me in a t-shirt for an article I’m writing. I’m bunging a few of those in to break up the text.

Will leave you with a fact.


A pint of cider can contain as many as five teaspoons of sugar – almost as much as the World Health Organisation recommends that you do not exceed per day‘. – Taken from 


*You should also read up on how to control your sugar cravings. (Added 31st March 2018).



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