The Red Wine Debate

Week 2 

No problem. So I may have told you that I was in The Grazing Goat for a total of 4.5 hours yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything but Belgian Beer in that place but yesterday it was 2 mint teas and sparkling water. The scary thing is it felt very easy.

It’s 5.11 in the morning the minute of writing this, I have to say my sleeping patterns still aren’t tip-top. With all the water I’m drinking I’m getting up to pee regularly and I’m still a little bit ‘up in my head’. But I think that’s more work related. I’m preoccupied with a few projects currently.

So had an interesting questions from someone today about how red wine can be good for you in moderation. The odd glass, maybe one or two every other day.


For that I’ll refer to something I heard Kevin O’Hara from Alcohol Mastery say,  it may contain some anti-oxidants, but it also contains alcohol, which does fuck all for you.

But look, I used to have a wild time on red wine. In fact it would be red wine that would be the cause of so many horrible hangovers. I used to joke I’d need a bottle of white wine to erase the red wine, much like you’d poor white wine on a carpet to remove a red wine stain.

And when was the last time you cracked open a bottle and had one glass of wine that was 125ml. Wine glasses these days are like German beer tankers and I never had the discipline of just having one glass of wine. My best mate Paul and I once drunk 6 bottles of red wine each and went paint balling the next day.

Anyhow the reason I’m up at the crack of fuck is because I’ve got a plane to catch, so better wrap this up. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter where I post these. Apologies for the rubbish pictures today, just had to grab what I could. The missus has been serving this weird cheese that looks like toffee and thats her wine in the fridge, anyway. Here’s the generic fact.


There is little evidence that drinking wine or other alcohol will improve the health of younger people, who are less at risk of heart disease in the first place. BBC 


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