The Return of the Human Research Podcast

Thank you please be seated. Thank you, please… please be seated.

Yes on week 2 of no booze, and I’m getting so into it I’ve decided to revamp the podcast to talk about it.

This time the podcast will be solely focused on my journey on going tee-total. A life without alcohol. Hopefully it will dip into other areas like nutrition, fitness and general well-being.

I recommend anyone thinking of giving up booze to do the same by the way. I’m going to be like Will Smith in the movie ‘I am Legend‘ standing on the edge of a jetty transmitting messages into the ether, to largely no one.

But if you’re out there and you’re thinking of giving up the booze, you want support and you like the nasally drones of my voice then follow me on Soundcloud. I’m going away for 20 days, Italy then Switzerland, so won’t have much going on there but when I return I’ll have a whole bunch of things I want to talk about, alcohol related. If you want to subscribe on iTunes also then click on the link here.

OK so I’m off to London shortly, leaving the Cambridge nest. I have stupidly set up two meetings in the pub. The Grazing Goat, (above) my London local. But I’m focused, I’ll order a bottle of water that will still probably cost me the shirt off my back.

But it does bring up a point. How many meetings have I been to in the past that I’ve let myself down by getting drunk? I remember going to a meeting at Dalloway Terrace for the Chester Barrie launch a few months back. I’m representing my brand, ME. I’m supposed to be on my best behaviour. Yet I got absolutely bladdered. Incapable of turning down a free drink I must have raced my way through 2 bottles of wine. No wonder no one from the PR team returned my emails.

Similarly, I went for a dinner meeting at Hush in Mayfair and one of the guys turned up pissed to that. Now he’s going through a divorce so I know he’s having a bad time, but still. Plus I’d never met the guy. Imagine what kind of message that sends to be people when you arrive pissed to a business meeting let alone get pissed at a business meeting.

Anyway, for anyone following the detox diaries you’ll know I like to sign off with a fact pulled from the web. Before I do don’t forget to follow me on Twitter where I post all the detox diary stuff.


Prenatal alcohol exposure–Unfortunately, excessive exposure to alcohol in the womb can permanently affect the eyesight the baby. According to a review by the Emory University School of Medicine, many eye problems are associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome including underdevelopment of the optic nerve, difficulty with eye coordination, and the tendency for eyelids to droop. – CooperVision.Com




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