Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

A super quick post about the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok.

Anastasia and I had dinner at theĀ Mandarin Oriental during our 3 day stay in Bangkok, although we stayed at the Shangri La Hotel just further down the Chao Phya river.

Review of the Shangri La Hotel in BangkokĀ 

According to the book On the Tracks of 007 this hotel was a great rest bite for Ian Fleming’s old pal and neighbour from Jamaica, Noel Coward.

At this hotel Roger is given the ’74 Phuyuck by the waiter, which he admonishes yet drinks reluctantly.

Phuyuck is not a real drink and I seem to remember reading that is was a bottle of Bollinger with a fake label embossed over it.

Although I’ve tried finding the source to confirm that and have come up short, if anyone knows the answer I’d be grateful for a reply below.



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