alcohol in the fridge

32It’s just occurred to me that I have booze in the house, have done for the past month or so, and haven’t even thought about it let alone be tempted by it.

It’s one of those things where you’d like to offer drinks to your guests when they come round, but don’t want to make that announcement that you’re

A) on the breadline

B) a shit host

Plus it’s nice for the missus to have a drink if she’s stressed out after a long day. But Pedro, how do you sleep at night knowing those poor little lambs are sitting in the fridge, pleading to be let out and consumed?

I talk about that and a few other things on the podcast, although the podcast is generally my therapy. Saves me going to meetings. It makes me accountable even though I’ve only got 5 listeners. (All of which are spam by the looks of things).

Quickly though I’ll tell you how it’s done.

trainspotting cold turkey NO BOOZE


When you’re giving up for the first week, have a bottle of booze lying around. I had a bottle of whisky just sitting in my drawer at my folks, might still be there. You’re not going to do a Rent Boy and cocoon yourself in the flat with cans of soup and a tube tele. You’re going to be around alcohol constantly even at home.

So get used to having it around you. Talk to it. Laugh at it. Call it names and channel your inner-bully. It’s quite gratifying finally having dominion over something that has controlled you and dictated the terms for all those years.

Anyway that’s it for me, trying to get content up when I can and help you guys out if you’re thinking of giving up the drink. If you are serious then follow Kevin O’Hara on Alcohol Mastery, he was instrumental to me and his podcasts are actually decent.

For more articles by me on how to give up drinking then follow the link.


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