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It’s not been a secret that Old Forester have signed up for the sequel of the new Kingsman Movie: The Golden Circle. They’ll even be releasing a new liquid to coincide with the film called Statesman. On the latest episode of GreatDrams Radio, we talk to Nate Booker, UK Brand Ambassador for Old Forester.

Nate tell us a little bit about you, kick things off. 

I’m the brand ambassador for Old Forester and Woodford Reserve, have been for the past two years. It’s a varied job, I host masterclasses for members, tasting sessions, custom and educational tasters. Sometimes I get to show the master distiller around town, that’s great.

Old Forester tasting area

Give us a little spiel on Old Forester, it has a rich history right? 

Yeah, so in the 1870’s a lot of people were making fake whisky. So it was dangerous, so George Garvin Brown started blending his own whisky. He was a pharmaceutical salesman, so he made this whisky for a friend – William Forester. William in turn prescribed this to his patients, it’s the only whisky thats been made before, during and after prohibition. People were destroying whisky in the streets, pouring down the drains and sinks – fortunately we didn’t have to suffer that. Prohibition was such an enigma, we’re lucky it didn’t come over here.

Ok so what can you tell us about the Statesman and is the Master Distiller in the movie?

Our master distiller is Chris Morris, as far as I understand he’s not in the movie. The Kingsman cover is that they’re tailors in Savile Row, likewise the distillers have the same thing in Kentucky, in Whisky Row. Matthew Vaughn wanted to do that with the bourbon. In the movie the Kingsman come over and bring some scotch and the Statesman are posing as distillers, and they’re ageing a bourbon there. So we made the bourbon that’s in the film.

And what’s it like? 

It’s 47.ABV so 4% stronger, and it comes from the honey spots, higher flavour profiles, you’ll get brushed warm leather, its delicious very moorish. In the UK we only have the standard, 43% so bringing in another line sees the development of the liquid. Should be available at Autumn time, round about the launch of the movie. We have the birthday bourbon coming out later in the year as well.

Old Forester Brand Ambassaor - Nate Booker

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