I’ve been picked on 3 times today, and it’s all because of my trousers.’ – Shaun, This Is England.

Thomas Turgoose spoke to us this week ahead of his DJ set at The Garage in Highbury & Islington this Saturday 10th December. Candidly and openly he spoke about his time on set playing Shaun from This Is England. The full interview can be found on the Menswear Style podcast.

What was it like filming THAT scene with Andrew Shim and Stephen Graham?

For the film, Shane has an amazing way of artfully manipulating you. Combo is beating Milky in a room, Shane said, “Can you please get your head on for this.” The more you mess around the more Stephen is going to have kick fuck out of Shimmy. Knowing Stephen was in there doing that to my mate was heart breaking. Emothionally it fucked me up for days.


How do you feel about the film now? 

I haven’t watched the film in about 7 years, I watched ’90 again (TV series This Is England ’90) because it was so much fun with the partying and raving. I was sitting here hungover and thought, fuck it I’m going to bung this is ’90 on. We sat in our trailers and got a bit tanked up. Shane said “you guys go have a party and I might call you in to a trailer at 1am to do this scene.”

It seemed like that was an all-nighter. He’s not worried about time constraints is he Shane? 

Shane gets as long as he wants on locations. You need a lot of trust on a film set, your camera-men runners, when one person has a vision you have to trust them and help them as much as possible. 


Are you recognised a fair bit now?

I’ve been a bit type cast now, you wouldn’t believe we’re so recognisable as these characters. I’m in the same boat as my mate Sam Aston who plays Chesney in Coronation Street. I’m trying to work hard on other stuff. I’m 25 now, my next aim is to have other people come up to me and recognise me from other stuff. Never in a million years would I change anything, its been a rollercoaster, but I’d love to see whats round the corner. 



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