Exclusive interview with Dr Bernard Hayot

Human Research was invited down to speak to Dr Bernard Hayot at Epilium & Skin in London,  to learn more about botox, about fat injections, eye rejuvenation, hydrafacials and many other modes of aesthetics medicine that are readily available at their Marylebone clinic.

Epilium and Skin, aesthetic medicine centres were founded in France fifteen years ago by Dr Bernard Hayot, an aesthetic surgeon based in Paris.

Now Dr Hayot is extending the Epilium & Skin olive branch and has recently launched  “The French Medical Beauty Clinic“ in London. Around this new centre will be gathered a team of French surgeons, doctors and nurses giving real meaning to the expression French touch for a “natural way of Treating beauty” in respect of your own personality.

‘Your eyes are true reflection of who you are. Every pair of eyes is different and it is these unique qualities that should be respected. It should not look as if any work has been done.’ Dr Hayot

Dr Hayot, tell me how it all began for you. 

I began 30 years with botox. In 1980 we saw all the surgery in the face was very aggressive, it wasn’t natural. Then in the 90’s, I was attending meetings with fellow plastic surgeons and they were only showing me the afters of side profiles, nothing from the front on. Basically the bad results were head on. Then we discovered fat transfer. It changed everything.


Inside the Marylebone Clinic

‘Ageing is not the skin excess, ageing is to lose volume.’

I fill more with fat and not fillers. Eyes are big, hollow eyes, dark circles. When you put fillers in the eyes it is a catastrophe. Why? Because they’re permanent, they take water like a sponge and make bags and the skin is so thin you can see the fillers through the skin, it becomes more blue than before.

I fill with the persons own fat. I make a lot of modification in the fat technique. I put the fat in a filter, I call it the micro fat transplant, I break the fat, now I can inject it into the wrinkles. We take the stem cells from the fat and this enables us to regenerate the skin. Stem cells injection, that is the future we are really at the beginning of this technology

Hence it is key that the surgery I perform is bespoke to each patient. I take into account lost volume, diminish dark circles, fill in gaps and plump out tiny wrinkles, either with laser or Botox. With 30 years experience on the ward and in my practise, I am meticulous about the tiny details – whether the patient is 20 or 70.

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So the idea is to make people look better, not younger correct? 

After my first trip to Korea in 2012, to train in blepharoplasty, I discovered that 90% of patients were under 30 and that their desire was to look better, not younger. Hence I had to hone Dr. Sydney Coleman’s technique, by developing millimetric fat injection techniques, to be able to sculpt faces in a more precise manner, for even more natural results. I liken my work to that of an art restorer; I don’t want to leave any obvious traces behind of the procedures that have been carried out. 10,000 faces have passed through my hands – it’s incredible.


The Missus getting a Hydrafacial

The Hydrafacial Care Treatment consists of a four-stage process taking around 45mins and is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. It detoxifies the skin, removes dead skin cells, extracts any debris and provides long lasting hydration and essential nutrient support to protect and rebuilds collagen levels. At Epilium & Skin they finish the treatment with a mask to deeply nourish the skin and give a luxurious finish to the treatment.

The HydraFacial – 60mins £140 or £330 for a course of 3 treatments

To book an appointment with Dr Bernard Hayot at Epilium & Skin, please call 0207 486 5134.


Have you had botox or eye rejuvenation? Maybe some fat injections? Let us know what you think in the comment box below and tell us about your experience?


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