Fabric Manipulations part 2

Just got the results back from my tutor and only got a pass.

Which was mildly gutting considering the work and time that went into this but I’ll take it like a champ and move onto the next assignment. Below are some fabric manipulations, the feathers was tough and looked a bit naff. But it was arguably one of the more interesting designs.

The Antelope Furs

You can catch other fabric manipulations¬†and the brief involved from my first post. The course I’m currently doing is on the Fashion Design Academy in London.

I was getting mildly desperate trying to find any kind of materials around the flat that I could use. I’m so broke I can’t afford to go out and buy fabric especially for this course.

Luckily the missus bought some antelope skins back from her trip to South Africa. She came up with a great idea of using those and it worked brilliantly.

I did make the joke that I won’t be inviting my vegan buddies around for dinner in the new flat with all these dead animals around.

Why I failed

I won’t be publishing my tutor’s comments as I believe they were personal to my assignment and not intended for public consumption.

But I can tell you I was downgraded for not handing in a swatch book and sketch book independently and not clearly marking my submissions or crediting photos.

In all truth I’m not overly sure what the difference is between sketch books, swatch books, mood boards, inspiration boards are etc.

I want this course to be over and done with as it’s time consuming. Plus I’m just shit. That’s not me being self-effacing for the sake of it or modest. It’s clear that I’m no natural at this. Plus, I’m broke and need to focus on actually making money rather than sticking bits of feather to fabric.

But the course cost money. I’ll see it through.


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