A high end fashion brand is looking for a new, creative designer for their team. They have launched a competition in which they ask applicants to submit their design for a three outfit ready to wear collection.

This could be a collection of three dresses or a mix of garments creating three different looks called a “story of garments” (you can find examples of this in your course content).

The collection you will create should be inspired by a well established fashion designer’s work specifically in relation to the way the designer used and manipulated materials.

During the course of this unit you will first look at the history of material use in fashion design before picking a fashion designer whose use of materials appeals to you most as inspiration to design your own three outfit collection for the fashion design competition.

Feel free to copy but..

Hey all, just wanted to give you a quick insight to what I’ve been working on behind the scenes. This is assignment is currently under review so anyone looking to copy or use this as a template, please bare that in mind.

Where to study fashion design in London..

These are the first 4 fabrics I’ve manipulated. I will upload the other 6 soon. For anyone looking to sign up to a Fashion Design course in London I would recommend this one.

The brief inspired by..

The tutors have been great every step of the way. Despite my misgivings at first. You’ll need to appreciate that you will have to get technical. Learn pattern cutting. Learn fashion history. Learn how to use a sewing machine. Learn fashion illustration.

Don’t expect to rock up with your new ideas expecting to be scouted as the next Alexander McQueen. By the way this brief was inspired by Alexander McQueen.

Your thoughts..

Hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you’re doing the course or have any questions in the comment box below. You can see more fabric manipulations in part two.



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