Chad McQueen – ‘My Dad Gave me the Jacket From Bullitt’


For the latest episode of the Menswear Style podcast I called in the big guns. After having my head in the Icons of Mens Style book by Josh Sims for the last couple of weeks, (you may have seen me take a few pics with it on INSTA) I was dead-set on not only interviewing the books author, but doing an episode entirely based on actor Steve McQueen.

I chased a few brands to the hills but they just managed to get away (code for not answering emails). But one person who helped me endlessly was Liz Van Denberg, brand manager of the Steve McQueen estate. We overcame numerous technical hurdles, juggled diaries, time zones and logistics to get Chad McQueen on the phone. Chad is Steve’s son, and he spoke to me exclusively for about ten minutes about why his Dad’s style is so revered and survived.

Did he know he was cool? 

He just did his thing, he didn’t dwell on himself at all. I think thats what he made him cool. Its just the way he was. He’s been gone 36 years and his style still resonates. My neighbour in Malibu is Pierce Brosnin, he said your old man was a style icon, he was a cool cat himself. He just put something on and that was it. Whatever you want as long as its clean.

How does the Estate work? Do the brands approach you? 

We get many requests day in day out, sometimes we seek them out, sometimes they come to us. Ford and Porsche we’ve been lucky. I want everything to be something he wore drove or road. We get requests from fucking pest control in Japan.

What about the outfits he wore in the films are they as sought after? 

The only thing I have was the jacket he wore in Bullitt. He was careful about what he wore, what he drove. When filming was done he moved onto the next one. But for some reason he kept the jacket so it must have meant a lot to him.

Catch the full interview below.




  1. saul
    April 26, 2018 / 2:48 am

    Did mr.Chad mcqueen mention the brand of the jacket he wore in bullitt?

    P.s. brought me here
    huge fan of mcqueen but a bigger fan of charles bronson

    • May 9, 2018 / 5:34 am

      Hey Saul, sorry for the late reply, just got back off hols. Re: the brand of jacket he didn’t say. Although I know he was involved with Barbour and Triumph so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a lot of those. Also Baracutta. If you’re at all interested the interview can be found on a Steve McQueen special I did for the Menswear Style Podcast.
      Many thanks for getting in touch

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