Chester Barrie Drop their AW17 Range – Make Mine a Double


Today sees the launch of the Chester Barrie AW17 capsule. I caught a look at the collection some weeks back at a bloggers lunch and I’ve put together a comprehensive review over on Menswear Style.


Ben Heath from Twenty First Century Gent ‘Don’t touch my back’

Above is a picture of my old mate Ben Heath from Twenty First Century Gent. It was hotter than balls that day and when he rocked up I went in for a hug, he ordered me to stand down, instructing me that the back of his shirt was drenched in sweat and wetter than an otters pocket. I sent him this picture over email and he didn’t reply. Probably too busy shaving his chest.


Ben wasn’t the only one who didn’t return my calls. I sat next to Chris Scott Gray (on the PR team for Chester Barrie) lovely chap. Gave him my spiel on how Chester Barrie can leverage their YouTube channel by making it more personal rather than high ticket. He was impressed, I could tell. He wrote down the idea and I said, ‘Chris baby, I’ve got bags of ideas for you, put me on the payroll and you’ll be following me round with a steno pad.’



He gave me his card, nice thick bit of cardboard. Emailed him twice, never heard back.


Still I had a great time. Thank you all at Chester Barrie for taking me through the collection and for treating me to a delightful lunch.




Creative Director Simon – Didn’t want to give me his card






NB- Since posting this article Chris has got in touch and apologised for his tardiness.



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