This week I had the pleasure of interviewing both Paul Du Noyer (Paul McCartney’s Biographer) and the first man to ever tailor Beatles, Walter Smith. I tried desperately to get someone from Crombie on the line to talk about Tommy Nutter, the rock star tailor who tailored 3 out of the 4 Beatles walking across the zebra crossing. (George decided to wear denim). He also made The Joker’s outfit in Batman (Burton/Nicholson). It didn’t pan out unfortunately but hopefully we’ll get Crombie on for another time.

“They had very colourful language, in fact I had to pull them aside and tell them to watch their language, and remind them they were in a tailors”. Walter Smith

But both Paul and Walter were great company. Walter I barely had to do any talking at all. I just phoned him up and hit record. In fact I don’t think I spoke for the first 10 minutes. I got the feeling he could have gone on for a lot longer. (In fact he did, I cut the tape about 10 minutes shop because we were talking about my past a little and studying in Liverpool. A great chat but not really relevant to the topic or anyone else listening).

“I remember their feet stank. When they left I had to spray the store to get rid of the smell”. Walter Smith

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