Me sitting in Claes Goran clothes in a hotel

Initial thoughts

Yes I’ve got some socks! The Claes Göran package came with socks, a pair of trousers, a shirt, waistcoat, jacket and even some toothbrushes (an early sign that these guys pay very close attention to detail).

The clobber was all very man about town, the fabric was thick to the touch, had some heft and I was gagging for some new socks so was made up to see they had chucked some in.

Claes Goran socks in a box

About the brand

From the start Claes Göran has been about courage and needs. Everyone in the company are handpicked, most working several roles within the company and do so with a drive and a passion very rarely found.

In early October fall 2015 they opened their first flag ship store at Odenplan in Stockholm, surrounding their own fashion collections with other lifestyle brands coming from the same dedication and trust in the own product rather than the trend reports.

Me sitting in Claes Goran clothes by lake lugano


A rich and heavy cotton weave. A dense feel, loose fit, intrinsic herringbone design. Two slanted hip pockets, roomy enough to envelope your entire hands. I got sent a size 2 which according their chart is a 32″ waist with a 38″ leg.

The look is catered for a classic turn up so don’t be surprised if it comes a little long in the leg. I opted for a turn ‘in’ as I’m a 30″ leg as I wasn’t comfortable with such an exaggerated turn up.

Pay attention to the Size Guide as there are numerous options that cater for wide hips and upper thighs, depending on your body shape.

claes goran menswear pinstripe shirt

12M Worker Pinstripe

An effective pinstripe shirt, button down collar with reinforced button placket. The singular open breast pocket can enjoy a pocket square for extra detailing.

Rounded hem and non branded buttons. I generally venture away from pinstripe shirts, however this was an enjoyable contrast to the tobacco trousers, a felicitous expression for a traditional look.

Me sitting outside the hotel balcony over looking Lake Lugano

96M Hellas Blazer

Double vented, two open pockets on the front and one on the breast. On the inside, two opposing pockets, button down. Large enough for iPhone 5, not deep enough for iPhone 6. However perfect fit for coin wallets.

The sleeve lining is polyester and the rest is a very dense cotton with a dusting of elastane. Thick enough for a mild winter, perfect for layering.

Again a little over-sized for me, given a size 50 which comes up long if you’re 5’7. I appreciate I’m not model height, age or look.

Waistcoat in brown

70M Hellas Waistcoat

4 non-branded buttons, rounded hem to a point-finish. Dandified pockets on the outside with contrast pinstripe flaps underneath. A weighted feel, adjustable buckle strap on the rear complete with a lighter colour paneling.

me sitting in claes goran on a red park bench


This might not be the intended look for the brand, however I was emotionally engaged with the shoot.

With a dalliance for the look of the old west, a man standing twirling the tips of his moustache as he waits for his train, extracting a pocket watch from his waist coat, knowing his wait is not due to the lack of his punctuality, but of the trains. The train is seldom late, however he is never late.

girlfriend on a balcony sitting in claes goran

2nd Opinion

Of course the look has to go through the most important filter of all, the missus. Overall she was keen to see me smartened, the look is crisp and the quality of the fabric is undeniably the fruits of Italian craftsmanship.

Due to the oversizing (again no fault of the brand) she did remark that I looked like a lost German trying to find his way back to Oktoberfest. The brand also has a womenswear collection available on the site.

Me standing outside a restaurant in Switzerland

me up a mountain over looking lake lugano

designer label claes goran hanging on a chair

black and white man on a bench in basel


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