New Ace and Tate Baby Driver Glasses


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No money is changing hands here, just want to brag a little about the new Ace and Tate Baby Driver glasses. Not the technical name for them BTW. They’re called Dexter, click on this link and it will take you to the shop direct. For £148 sheets it’s still a fair chunk of change for a pair of sunglasses, but compared to anything you’d pay for a more recognised designer brand, a steal.    These are limited edition, high quality polycarbonate lenses with a protective anti-scratch layer to minimise the chance of scratches, as well as a 100% UV protection coating to protect your eyes from harmful UV light.


I haven’t taken these glasses off since I was gifted them. The other day I was wearing them whilst trying to park in a multi-storey. It gets dark in multi-storeys and I’ll admit I could barely see where I was going. Never felt so rock n roll.


I waited ages for the sun to come out before being able to get some half decent shots. What are your thoughts on these white jeans by the way? Picked them up for a fiver, Etiene Ozeki. Missus wants to set light to them. With me in them probably. She’s a feisty one.



T-shirt and cap supplied by Robot-Brands check them out.

Final Thoughts: Love these glasses. Feels like they’re built to last. Now we just need some sun.




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