Robert and Son Swimwear – Scrapbook

These Robert and Son shorts were my weapon of choice for the Cinque Terra dip. I picked them up for free at a recent Pure London exhibition and you can buy them direct from their site for 60 sheets. Click on any image and it will take you there.

No money is changing hands here, just wanted to thank these guys for kitting me out.

Looks like a family run brand based out of Norfolk. No flagship stores. If the blog is anything to go by they’ve been up and running since Jan 2017.

60 sheets for a pair of shorts might be a little high rich for my blood, but then considering I was in the same stretch of water as some wealthy Russians wearing Vilebrequin swimwear which can start at 450 sheets a pop, everything is relative right?

Anyway I ran 5k every day for a week, gave up chocolate and knocked booze on the head to get into shape for this shoot. Thankfully I did it at the start of the holiday. I’m heading home tomorrow after 10 days gorging on nothing but gelato’s and tagliatelle – I’ve gone from ‘walking around weight’ to holiday weight in record time. In case you’re wondering the order of ascension when it comes to weight it goes..

  • Fighting weight
  • Bikini athlete weight
  • Walking around weight
  • Holiday weight
  • Italian holiday weight
  • Obese
  • Knocking downing the walls of your house to crane lift you to hospital weight



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