Takes about 5 minutes or so to sync an Apple Watch to your phone. Back in the day if someone told me I’ve got five minutes to wait, I would probably think ‘that’s just enough time to ..’ Well I will let your puerile mind fill in the blank. I have been wearing this thing on and off for a week and the only use I’ve found for it so far is that it tells the time. When there’s charge. Oh and the missus thinks I look sexy wearing it.

I posted one of these pictures on my Instagram account and got accused of selling out. I’m assuming the comment was said in jest but it was a valid point. Do Apple need any free advertising and does anyone give a flying flash gordon that I have a new watch? I was more experimenting with the light and camera. I caught the top one good, first shot, right out the gate. So posted it. I think you have to get paid in order to sell out right?






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