The Backs of People #2 – Street Style


Yes the difficult second blog. Truth is, it’s not as easy as it looks following people and snapping them on the move. Some people I’m snapping from the hip without even looking through the lens.

It was tough to get any decent street style pics this weekend with the incessant rain. However, there was one or two breaks in play and here are some people I tailed for a block or two whilst out and about in the big smoke.

I’ve even done a bit of research for you and included links to close matches should you want to shop the look. Click on the images to follow me on Instagram.


Above, love the breton stripe sleeve and striking motif on the back. I’ve done my due diligence and found this brand online called OnePiece who specialise in jumpsuits. Couldn’t find this exact one so must be a couple of seasons old. They do jumpsuits for both men and women.


Above and below I dug this chick’s black and white Houndstooth peacoat jacket. With jet black hair and leggings, short pencil skirt, thought this was a classy look. James Lakeland did a similar one, perhaps with a deeper shawl, but I’ve found a close equivalent on eBay here.


Below this lad looked pretty cool, caught him crossing the road up at Kensington. The dull orange bomber is probably cheaper else wear but Rick Owens does a class version of this. (If you have £580 to spare check it out here).



Above this guy looked ace in this light blue long sleeve polo. Quite bedraggled and short on the body. I wouldn’t be surprised if he nicked it off his missus being quite a diminutive fellow. Possibly an old Ralph Lauren that he may have raised himself. I’ve found something close-ish from Golfino.

man in blue suit on street

Quite proud of this shot above. Had to wait for this gentleman to walk right between the goalposts.


Followed him down the street a little. Though he could just do with nipping the tail up an inch as you see it dwarfs him a little.

The sleeves have been taken up an inch too much for my liking. Either that or his white shirt has come down a little long to his knuckles. Christ am I being a critical twat? I am aren’t I? Sorry folks.


The lad above is wearing a basket weave motif long sleeve with a rounded hem. Although the shirt isn’t typical dense basket weave. Fred Perry do a bunch of the latter but I’m going to send you over to Bugatchi as they seem slightly more fitted for this look. His trousers look more like Sand than Dark Khaki. Voi do something similar but I can’t send you there, I’ve a reputation to keep.


If anyone has any direct links to the brands or looks featured then please leave links in the comments below.




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