The Backs of People – Street Style


I don’t know how much this is going to interest people but I thought I’d start publishing some photos I’d taken of people whilst out on my daily walks. I should say it looks like I’m stalking them but I can assure you I’m not. These people are in my life for all of a fleeting stretch of pavement, before they turn a corner and are gone forever. But for some reason, something about them spoke to me. I’d probably quail at the thought of asking their permission for a picture, but as they have their backs to me their I’m hoping this isn’t too much of an invasion of their privacy.

Below is a picture of a girl that caught my eye near Baker Street. I loved the deck chair lined dress with stark white and red lines. Perfect light and breathable summer time wear.


Below I captured this Gentleman just off Chiltern Street. A nice combination of light paled turquoise long sleeve tee mixed with a horizontal striped board shorts cut just above the knee. The leather satchel complimented and finished this outfit nicely.


I like this picture because the girl below had a great walk, fearless.


The gentleman below was a clear peacocker. I loved watching the passers by stare and laugh as he passed. Not laughing at him as such, but laughing at the incredulity of this outfit.


The young man below passed me on Vauxhall bridge. Whilst I’d never wear a jacket like this myself it added to the lads hubris. The hair, the attitude, I liked this dude.


I never like to highlight peoples short comings, but I wanted to capture this guy as he struggled to fetch something from his bag. For me it’s one of the reasons why I steer wide from single vent jackets. Once the wind catches it, it inflates and looks a bit dishevelled.


The girl below typifies Shoreditch. Trendy, well accessorised and this all in one jump suit can be worn for a variety of occasions.


This poor fellow clearly had enough to drink that day. He decided to relieve himself not 20 yards from the pub he stumbled out of on a curry house window, to the astonishment of the diners. After he fell on the motorbike you can just make out on the left, knocked it over and trudged off.


This gentleman was fantastically dressed for an afternoon game of Badminton down Regents Park. A light sky blue window pane shirt, slightly creased but perfect fit, alongside his cream chinos  and leather sandals.


The missus down Burlington Arcade, some time ago. I used to get her to stand still and pose but she doesn’t have time for that nonsense now.

IMG_4845 (1)

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