pure London exhibition

What did we all think off Pure London this year? I’ve included some snaps of the brands that caught my eye. I’ll include links to their websites if you click on their pictures. Thanks to Kate from Good Results for the invitation, the coffee and biscuits.

shirts companies at pure london

Satanic Mill pictured above is now Blake Mill. (Update May 2018).

London has a whole bunch of exhibitions and trade shows going on all the time.

I try and cover as many as I can on this blog but if you know of any that I miss out on please drop me an email in the box below.





dedicated brand at pure london

Dedicated Brand is a fun company. They really put themselves out there as a sustainable streetwear brand. One of the Scandi countries but unsure which one exactly.

Very youth orientated and quirky/brash designs.



No one got paid for this article.



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