Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase watch stylised

Recently I had the pleasure of being sent a Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Blue timepiece to review. The brand set the record in 2016 with the most-funded timepiece project in crowdfunding history, raising $5,115,675 in 30 days.

Before we get into the Filippo Loreti review, lets shine a little light on who are the people behind the brand.

Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase watch stylised me wearing it in the botanical gardens in Singapore

Founded in 2014 By Danielius and Matas Jakutis, Filippo Loreti is a direct-to-consumer watch brand that looks to offer the look and feel of a premium timepiece, at a price point hundreds of dollars less than traditional luxury brands.

The watch company’s crowdfunding campaigns in 2015 and 2016 each set the record, as the most funded timepiece project in crowdfunding history – a record the brand holds to this day.

“Filippo Loreti solved a big demand problem during our best-ever crowdfunding campaign in late 2016. When we launched our second campaign, we had no idea how successful it was going to be. There was no way we could have guessed we’d end up selling three times more watches than we did during our first campaign a year earlier.”  – Danielius and Matas Jakutis, founders of Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase unboxing

So let’s have a look at the Venice Moonphase I was sent on.


The presentation box is well but together and decorative with the red ribbon. First impressions were that the design features were of a high quality. The blue disk has an eye-catching, iridescent shimmer to it and the weight has some purchase when I removed it from its casing.

Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase pov

The 3D back plate has wonderful intricate bas-relief artwork depicting the spectacular Basilica di San Marco in Venice, the original inspiration for the collection. Having spent some time in Venice last year, this additional highly-artisan engraving resonates with me. The aforementioned blue disk features an elegant gold moon that effuses a universe of style and symbolism.

Filippo Loreti Watch Details

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You’ll notice that all models in the Venice Moonphase series feature tapered lugs (the parts that connect the body of the watch case to the straps). These lugs are curved and beveled, lending the watch a more elegant, modern appearance, and enabling it to conform even more precisely to the shape of a wrist.

Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase stylised worn by my girlfriend in a dressing gown

Perhaps subliminally it was this kind of elegance that appealed to my girlfriend as she hijacked the watch throughout our recent trip to Asia. You’ll notice she models it much better than I. She is actually infatuated with this watch which highlights it universal appeal that transcends gender.

Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase woman swimming pool

What’s going on inside? Caliber 6P00 movement – Created by Miyota, the Japanese maker universally acclaimed for the accuracy of its movements, the 6P00 adds one of the most well-known and widely appreciated complications on the market: the moonphase.

filippo loreti close up swimming pool background

I have to say it’s a great watch for the price point. Rose gold is very in vogue so it has a very luxury and modern feel to it. Your eyes naturally gravitate towards it, and with both the mesh and the leather strap (which comes free) you can wear it on a number of occasions to different events. Ultimately I feel this is still a great travel watch, and an everyday watch and less of a black tie watch, but other reviews may vary and you can find those below.

If I was to offer one improvement the delivery box it came in was kind of non-descript. The presentation box itself was fine, yet the cardboard package it arrived in was generic and unbranded and didn’t really scream luxury. This could be addressed and easily remedied especially if it’s meant as a gift.

It’s been widely well received, Trustpilot has given it 4/5 stars from an aggregated 2,058 (at the time of publishing 2018). 

screen shot of Filippo Loreti on Trustpilot

The Filippo Loreti Venice Moonphase is available for $315, comes with a 10 year warranty, free next day business delivery and a 90 day money back guarantee.

Check out the video below if you’d like to learn some tips on taking pictures of watches. Also let me know what you think of Filippo Loreti in the comment box below.


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