Viktoria Yermolyeva joins Flowkey

Piano virtuoso Viktoriya Yermolyeva, has launched 3 new piano videos on YouTube this week.

This collection of performances feature a Metallica piano medley, In the End by Linkin Park and the deeply intrinsic Chop Suey by System of a Down.

The unifying theme with these releases is that they will all be readily available for people to learn through the piano playing app flowkey.

Through the flowkey app you’ll be invited to complete courses such as “Reading Sheet Music” or “Chords & Pop Piano” and learn your favourite songs on the piano with simple video tutorials.

Viktoria Yermolyeva joins Flowkey

Who is Viktoriya Yermolyeva?

Viktoriya Yermolyeva (or Vika) at the time of writing has just under 650k YouTube subscribers.

She has personally inspired me and was the catalyst for me recording many of my own piano videos.

She bridges the precarious gap from metal to classical.

Her genius transcends genres and her platform is a perfect hangout where the class-obsessed and ardent metal fans get their musical palettes broadened.

She plays Riders of the Storm, covering all parts, the pulse of Densmore, Morrison’s searching melody, Krieger’s comping, Manzarek’s bass and wistful glissando-esque scales. (Yes I’m a Doors fan).

“Moreover I’m a Vika fan.”

Vika has this unique ability of transporting me back to the very first time I heard and fell in love with songs like True Love Waits by Radiohead, Hurricanes and Butterflies by Muse.

In some cases you become a slave to your own nostalgia and can do nothing but stop. Stop everything and listen.

Viktoria Yermolyeva joins Flowkey

You can catch the full e-interview I did with Viktoriya Yermolyeva (aka VK Goes Wild on YouTube) here

If you’d like to follow more piano players who I admire on YouTube then check out further sensations here.

Viktoria Yermolyeva joins Flowkey

Is VK Wild coming to the UK?

A quick check on her Vika’s website tells me still no tour dates for the UK. Any London music venue organisers out there please bring this talent to the UK.

This article is supported by flowkey, if you’re thinking on teaching yourself piano then please take a look and get inspired. Never too late.


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