The Szabadsag Bridge Budapest

Budapest. Went for a long weekend.

I don’t have time to write about it here, have already extensively written about it on the Carl Thompson website.

But wanted to share some photos. (Although they look naff on the big screen. On Carl’s blog they look mustard. Can anyone help with this?

Is it because I have compressed the photos?) Click any photo to follow me on Instagram.

Budapest hen do

Images were taken on a Nikon D3500. Still getting to grips with it. Need some classes, if anyone is up for a day in London doing some shooting and helping me out with the settings that would be ace. Comment below.

Wall Art Budapest

I loved these buildings. They can be found near the Gozsdu Market.

Buildings in Budapest

Below is the National Gallery where they host an amazing photo exhibition from Fotoplan. We bought the book, Every Past is my Past.

I dream of having my own photo exhibition one day. I’d like to call it something equally artsy-fartsy. Comments down below please.

Black and white photo exhibition Negatives of photos chocolate in Budapest Danube River reflective sunglasses Halaszbastya Budapest Tourist

Instagram makes you do funny things. Like sit on a ledge with a sheer 50 foot drop for the sake of a perfect photo. (See below).

Instagrammers danger spots

Below is my favourite photo. I also posted this on my personal Instagram. Yes I have a couple. The Human Research Instagram is all about me and my style. Anything James Bond related.

I also have a Street Style instagram account where I take photos of people if I like their style.

Stag do in Budapest

Is their anything James Bondian to do in Budapest? In a word, yes! You can have a lookout for cars that have ’00’ number plates. I only found one that had the 007 ending, but I’m sure there must be more.

BMW 007 Number Plate

Oh the Pinball museum is a must-see. Rated number one museum on Trip-advisor.

If you’re interested in seeing all the things to do in Budapest then check out my short YouTube video below.

I am very tired at the time of writing this. But ultimately, Budapest is an amazing city that we’d happily return to. It’s hotter than balls in July. Up to the 30’s I’d say.

If you need any extra info comment below.

Woman sitting alone

What I wore? See below. I was loaned a pair of Ridley Burnished Lace up shoes from Base London. Actually a lot more comfortable than I anticipated.

We did over 15km a day out there in Budapest and my feet felt fine. Shoes held up well. Click on image to shop.

Disclaimer: It’s a transactional relationship.

Base London Shoes 64 GBP click to shop.

Coming next. 48 hours in Palma.

Fancy a postcard from me? Just email me your address, it’s no bother I like doing it.


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