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In this episode of From Tailors of Love, Matt Spasier from the Suits of James Bond and I talk to Elliot Mason of Mason & Sons. The episode is available to download in iTunes now.

Mason & Sons are a British Fashion house with headquarters in Montagu Square. As well as offering a bespoke service by appointment they also run the Anthony Sinclair brand, the original tailor of James Bond.

Elliot Mason talks to us on how they managed to resurrect the brand in 2012, offering fans of James Bond a chance to dress in the Conduit Cut, the style Sean Connery worn throughout his tenure as Bond.

We also discuss the new campaign released from Brioni which see Statue of David being tailored to look like James Bond. A remarkable video found below.

Talking James Bond Memorabilia

We also discuss many of the James Bond props that are currently on auction at The Prop Store. Including this Brioni Short Sleeved floral jacket worn by Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day.

For further detailed analysis the guys over at James Bond Lifestyle have done a decent piece on this, annotating many of the props and James Bond memorabilia.

The Auction takes place September 20th at the ODEON BFI IMAX, Waterloo, London.

James Bond up for auction Pierce Brosnan Brioni shirt

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